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  1. PPR Trade Help (WHIR)

    Hell yes. Do it quick and thank him later. Thanks for mine.
  2. Tough but I would do it. Kittle is a beast. Thanks for mine.
  3. JuJu trade

    Too much. I wouldn't do it. Thanks for mine.
  4. Trade WHIR

    I would go Duke and Doyle for Diggs. Thanks for mine
  5. Start 2 - Fournette, Cohen, Duke

    My gut says Fournette and Duke, but I just don't trust Fournette until he gets one solid game in. And I'm a Jags fan. So I say Duke and Cohen. Help a brother out

    Mahomes all day. He's a guarantee. Help a brother out
  7. Humphries seems like the safe bet since he is getting a lot of looks. Golladay probably has more upside. Help a brother out
  8. Which QB Do I Play? - WHIR

    Ouch. I would go Osweiller since he is going to have to keep up with the Packers. Help a brother out
  9. Mahomes or Big Ben?!? WHIR

    Mahomes. Can't not start him. He's a guarantee. help a brother out
  10. Trade help

    100% do it and thank him later.
  11. Lineup set except having trouble deciding between these 2. MVS has more upside, but I don't see Green Bay needing to throw a lot against Miami. Alshon is usually solid but I feel like they are going to force feed the ball to Golden Tate to break him in. Thanks in advance for opinions.
  12. RB Conundrum. WHIR

    Breida and Johnson help a brother out
  13. Brees vs Winston ? Whir

    This week I would say Winston for both. They can't run and he's going to have to score points to keep up. help a brother out
  14. I would go Watson, but for some reason I think Clay is going to get some play too. help a brother out
  15. Flex help. WHIR 112%

    I like Chubb this week. Help a brother out