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  1. Mahomes. Tough matchup, but no way he doesn't produce. help a brother out
  2. They have been feeding Miller and he has been producing. I would stick with him. A close second would be Mack. help a brother out
  3. Mack has been a beast. Easy choice. help a brother out
  4. I think Mayfield will bounce back with this matchup. help a brother out
  5. Winston will be throwing a lot in this game. TB won't be able to run. help a brother out
  6. Yes, you are crazy. Go with Brady. help a brother out
  7. Mixon for sure. He's all they have. help a brother out
  8. Playoff PPR. Cameron Brate vs the Saints or CJ Uzomah at Chargers. Saints are tough against the TE but should be high scoring. Don't know if I can trust Driskel to throw to CJ. I dropped Trey Burton because I couldn't trust him and he is still available but he has stunk it up but they play the Rams. Thanks in advance!
  9. I have the same problem. I am riding with Winston right now due to Ryan being in a slump but I am wavering back and forth.