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  1. I'm interested if the spot isn't already filled. I'm at (just joined your slow draft earlier today)
  2. I'm in if there's still room; please send me an invite at Thanks.
  3. Same here. Just did it the one time but if there’s enough interest here i’d be willing to read up and figure out how to make it happen
  4. I’m interested in a slow auction as well. Just did one and it was a lot of fun
  5. I'm interested and would like to understand more about the exact nature of the slow draft. Please send info to Thanks.
  6. 10 or 12 teams, buy in from 25 to 200, I'm just looking for a competitive league. If someone has an opening, post here or send me an email at Thanks.
  7. I'm interested; please send me an invite at Thanks, A
  8. I'm interested in the league. What is the scoring system? When is the draft? I like the idea of starting at the bottom (I'm an experienced fantasy player in other sports but less so in hockey). If spots are still available, please email info and an invite to Thanks.