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  1. Cam for me, especially when you already have Lamar.
  2. Evans, more upside and higher floor.
  3. I would go with Fournette here. He is the safer option with a guaranteed workload.
  4. For me it's TJ or Malcolm Brown. You're pretty stacked at WR imo.
  5. Hi all! I received a trade offer in my redraft league. He offered Sony Michel for both of my Williams players (Damien and Tyrell). My team: QB: Winston, Newton RB: Zeke, Lindsay, Damien Williams, McCoy, David Montgomery, Miles Sanders, WR: Allen, Godwin, Ridley, Tyrell Williams, Samuel TE: McDonald His team: QB: Mahomes RB: Mixon, Michel, Ekeler, Barber, D. Thompson, WR: Hill, Golladay, Evans, Shepard, DJ Moore, Metcalf TE: Cook, Hooper Should I accept this offer or make a counter offer? WHIR!
  6. Chubb. More trust in the Browns offense than the Steelers this year and I think Chubb is the more talented RB.
  7. 12th pick and this roster. Kudos! I like your team. Cook and Freeman are injury prone, but both have immense upside! The only player I have some concerns about is Amari. Thanks for mine!
  8. Kittle for me looking at the scarcity of elite TEs. If you want to keep a RB I would keep A. Jones.
  9. I'm in the same boat as you are. People advised me to go with Zeke and cuff him (even with the possibility to pick Nuk), so I would do that. Thanks for mine!
  10. This☝️ Fan of Jacobs, Coleman not so much. Rest of your team looks solid. Thanks for mine!