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  1. : "The extension indicates the Chiefs won't be in the market for an expensive free agent running back in the offseason like, say, Le'veon Bell. It's also a reminder that teams can find capable running backs almost anywhere and that Reid's system remains incredibly player friendly. Williams went undrafted out of Oklahoma. He didn't find much success in Miami, averaging just over 300 total yards per season with the Dolphins from 2014-17. Suddenly, he's one of the Chiefs' most important offensive players and the team has already seen enough to commit to him beyond this season". 2019 league winner!!!!
  2. I would play TY if healthy, and McGuire.
  3. I think it does. And Eli probably there next year won't help either.
  4. We can all agree that if he does play he is not going to be 100%, but you have to start him in fantasy.
  5. 1: Kamara, Chubb, Mixon 2: Edelman 3: Baker, starting Chief RB, Titans Thanks for mine!
  6. Dak, Carson, Colts (OBJ didn't practice today) and Tucker
  7. But yeah you had the 5th seed over his 6th.