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  1. 5’8” sixth round pick. Doesn’t sound like a world beater. Besides playing on the best offence in football is the kid actually good. Has anyone seen him run? He has the opportunity box checked. I’m trying to see if he checks the talent one too
  2. I expect more inconsistency. He’s a talented rookie tight end on a team with solid receivers. I wouldn’t buy low but I would definitely scoop him up off waivers if he was dropped
  3. Agree with this. JG didn’t suddenly become a league winner but he’s startable now
  4. They went up against two of the strongest defences in the league week one and two and won. Better games are coming.
  5. Bounce back game? Call me crazy but I’m rolling OJ out one more week. If he’s not involved this week I give up
  6. So far it doesn’t look like he is going to be a big part of this offence. Hard to say if Brees being out helps him or hurts him.
  7. Missed practice today due to “personal matter”. Not hurt. Hopefully he’s all good on the field and off by Sunday
  8. Thats my fear. I really wish they’d give some update on the injury. Especially with old man Gore still sitting on waivers in my league
  9. For who? Cooper is an every week start for me.
  10. As a Chubb owner this is my fear. Hunt won’t be a viable fantasy play but he will get enough carries to drop Chubb to a RB2/flex. Especially if the Browns are looking good for playoff spot and they want to use Hunt to rest Chubb for the playoffs.
  11. Or there is the fourth dream scenario where MG gets traded and I’m now sitting on two RB1s
  12. Absolutely. My nightmare scenario is this backfield turns into a 50/50 timeshare when MG returns and both backs become marginal plays. Three possibilities: MG becomes lead back, Ekeler stays lead back, or RBBC. Owning both insures against 2/3
  13. No because I own MG. If I didn’t I would sell for a solid RB2 or equivalent but no less than that