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  1. I think he'll be fine. I've seen nothing to indicate his role is threatened and he actually looks quite good when not blown up in the back field.
  2. He looked good despite the box score.
  3. I don't even know if he's appreciably slower tbh. Patriots run a lot of timing routes that seem meticulously crafted. He has to be at certain spots at certain times, so he's not going to run many routes that would capitalize on his long-speed. On his 40-yarder, he appeared to be winning the foot race with the DB and the first Safety before having to pull up and track the ball. In my modest opinion that play, despite being great, left a lot of yardage on the table due to the timing and ball placement. EDIT (for reference):
  4. He looked fairly good on several of his touches. He's legit barring some implosion by his offense.
  5. I'm not overly knowledgeable with NFL X's and O's but on the TD play, it felt like Gordon was lined up as a pseudo-TE in the formation. At the line of scrimmage, just the left of the offensive line, immediately chipped a defender on his way out and to the right. Didn't feel like a typical receiver route.
  6. Things like this make me feel fairly safe just locking Josh Gordon into my lineup.
  7. This is certainly true. I was merely pointing out how people were throwing quotes at each other trying to rationalize the motives of the words, and yet noone references the clearest quote possible, straight from the horse's mouth. The difference is that you should take the words at face value until otherwise noted. You accuse someone of "reading too much into this direct quote" while literally doing exactly that by rationalizing a state of mind or a motive that isn't clearly observable. The starting RB in this offense doesn't have a small role.
  8. It's hilarious that everyone is offering up all these quotes but everyone is seemingly ignoring the most telling part of the presser. It's right here, at the very beginning. "You see the offense. I mean, I'm just trying to get in here and just, fit a small role. These guys are rolling, and be part of that. I think they have a great chance at a championship."
  9. lmao elroypedro's argument is very disingenuous. He tried to count last year in his math while insinuating high injury risk. Bell's actual average games played is 12.4. Literally everything else is either wrong or misleading as well, but unpacking it all doesn't seem like a fruitful endeavor. The point of discussion is to push towards the truth, not to "win" a debate. It's clear that he does not seek truth for mutual benefit. If he did, he wouldn't obfuscate his data or editorialize his language to imbue it with negative connotations.
  10. End of the game. Washington is playing.