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  1. anyone worried about the fantasy title game at chicago?
  2. I think he's a solid WR 2 at this point. If you took him to be wr1 you could be in trouble but I still think hes got value. Rudolph will launch bombs and will still pepper him with targets. the steeler WRs have been garbage so far so they dont have anywhere else to go. that pass d is trash also. over reaction, hes still someone you want in your starting lineup.
  3. beast, Top 3 RB if he can stay healthy. Big if!
  4. I am up 60.46 and he has Duke Johnson and Hopkins left in PPR. I feel good but you can never be sure.
  5. I agree its a throw out game. I think its promising that none of the other steelers wrs stepped up and had good games. juju will be fine, cant base anything on the pats gameplan and gilmore
  6. Watkins against Jacksonville or Samuel against LA?
  7. Agree . Dynasty drafted, I’m holding all season regardless . Next year it could very well be his backfield. It’s worth keeping to see how things unfold Separate conversation for non dynasty leagues . Probably still hold for a bit to see how things go.
  8. he's a $1 flier, I'll take him on a roster for that.
  9. Paid $5 for this kid to beat out the Williams owner who wanted to cuff him. I believe it's worth it and holding to see how the season goes.
  10. Moore went for $18, waited on Samuel for $8.
  11. He went for $25 in a $200 12 PPR auction last night.
  12. went for 8 bucks in an auction league.
  13. QB- Mahomes RB - Cook, Ballage, Mattison, Darwin Thompson, Bernard WR- Julio, JuJu, Samuel, Watkins, Preston Williams, John Brown TE- Engram, Fant K - Butker D- Seahawks
  14. i guess its ok to talk about what position to take him in a Noob snake draft, but a real strat auction draft is outlawed.