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  1. over under 5 starts this year
  2. Juju can’t possible get many more targets than he’s had and he could be transitioning out of the slot to outside more with brown gone
  3. Back to topic, I don’t expect him to do much better than he’s been doing next year with or without AB. The targets will be there as long as Ben stays healthy , he’s a solid wr 1 but in my auction league , where I have him as a keeper , I’m going to try to pair him up with an elite 1
  4. Had gurley last year and it was fantastic until the end. I saw a guy who was over worked , just got paid and said this ain’t worth it . I think he pulled himself out late last season and when he wanted to turn it back on he couldn’t. I know it’s a stretch but it’s what I see . I’m avoiding next year even though I have him at a good keeper price
  5. T.Y. is real solid, no problem with him as my WR1. When he played last year, he delivered except for maybe one game (vs raiders) and the colts had a real tough schedule. Injury was unlucky, dude only missed 2 games before this year. He probably played this entire year hurt and still delivered. Plus I got him at a good price last year, about $25, people were not sold on Lucks arm and Hilton was banged up before my draft, I don't think people will get a good deal on him this year but we will see. The Colts are set up for a big off season with their cap space so I need to wait and see what they do before I have T.Y. as a target but for the right price I would easily take him.
  6. I am in 3 leagues and they have all changed to auction formats and I have to say it is the best thing that happened. After going Auction, I could never do a snake draft again and all the members from my leagues feel the same. The weird thing is when I check this forum it seems like at least 80% of the community still does snake. What makes it mind boggling is that this is a pretty hardcore fantasy forum and I would think if that is really true then the majority would be auction. The questions are, I guess is, why are you still in a snake draft? whats holding you back from going auction and fellow auctioneers, do you feel the same?
  7. auction values, I think the top 5 guys (CMC, Gurley, Zeke, Barkely and Kamara) in that order are going for $65 min in a 12 team $200 league. I would expect at least a few to go in the low $70s during my draft and in the past i think maybe 1 or 2 guys have ever gone more than $70.
  8. DND for me no matter where he goes
  9. Seahawks need to add more weapons to wr and tight end and he’s right back in the mvp talks next year .
  10. What do you guys think his auction price will be in a 12 team $200 ? My league has 6 pt td passes also . Drafted him for $5 and can keep him for $10. No brainer imo .
  11. I can see them splitting some work next year, but miller would still get more touches as of now
  12. one thing I learned when using high picks is to take a guy who has done it before, rather than a hyped up guy that is supposed to do it. Examples for me were guys like mike evans and ty hilton
  13. He’s definitely on my radar if I don’t pay up for ertz kittle or kelce in auction