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  1. Jon Gruden is a terrible coach? 🤔 Jon Gruden didn’t sign AB...
  2. Exactly 25 points out of Evan Engram. I'll take the L now.
  3. It didn't look bad but his reaction didn't make me very happy
  4. I'll be dropping Rawls tomorrow and I'm happy to be rolling with Carson the rest of the way. What a god awful game against the terrible 49ers though.
  5. I'm not concerned considering we haven't heard anything since August 31st.
  6. So Carson is the #1 now? Rawls is nowhere to be found.
  7. lol, yea because that's how the Patriots game plane.
  8. I hope this guy can come back and provide me with decent value until DJ comes back. Or just get injured right away so I can play Carson