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  1. He's the wr2 on a team with a seemingly improved defense and a bottom tier QB. Until defenses adjust and roll coverage to Godwin, RIP your draft pick
  2. Looks like it's too late. Might be my wr3-4 now.
  3. Probably not tough to do when you know they're running it on almost every down for three quarters.
  4. Faded him again tonight. Weather, short week, DB matchup, etc. I'll live w the consequences if he goes nuts and if he doesn't I'll chalk it up to the reasons above. If he busts week three, I'm going to pray there's one guy in my league that's still enamored with him.
  5. Traded for him his rookie season and I like him a lot as a player, but I can only say its been maddening to watch him in games. I know hes racked up good end of year stats w Winston, but so many missed opportunities. I think hes better than Keenan Allen for instance, but I'd much rather have Allen for Rivers alone.
  6. How the f--- do you not know that ball is going to hopkins
  7. My only shot at a win is Hopkins not going berserk....why does it feel like Houston had 16 chances inside the 20 on that last drive....
  8. Was holding Edelman AND Lockett...was obviously praying the Skins would pony up. Go Lock!
  9. Backed. Consider myself fortunate to have boyd and Lockett right behind him. It's a great matchup, but if you can sit him do it. If he goes off you're good for wk2, if he decoys you're toast.
  10. As a longtime dynasty owner, I wince every time. Terrifying and it seems like it's always way early in the game.
  11. Maybe for Rivers. I hate this matchup on a Thursday night in CHI.
  12. There's nothing to do now but hold and wait. Don't do anything stupid, things can change quickly. If McCoy comes out and totes it 15 times two weeks in a row, that's a different story.