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  1. The kiss of death: Jaguars EVP Tom Coughlin has "full confidence" in Leonard Fournette.
  2. I'm not sure what you mean. Ingram signed a 3 year deal. I believe he can play those 3 years at a high level and return consistent high end RB2 type numbers for those 3 years, after that contract is up then I'd re-evaluate.
  3. That's cool, thanks for pointing that out. I think that will have 0 impact on his 2019 status or even his 2020 status.
  4. Sterling Shepard and his migraines is the WR1 now? Or is it Corey Coleman? saquon could have 500 touches, lol
  5. Sooooooooooooooo, your saying he is good to go as a high end RB2 for 2019?
  6. With a lot of tread left on his tires due to Sean Peyton's sporadic use of him.
  7. Yeah, he is a little bit stiffer in the hips than Ray rice was too. Not identical twins but their running styles are similar, smaller, compact guys who run violently and shed tacklers with a low center of gravity. Ingram is gonna look good in the purple and black. I hope he gets #22
  9. While I kind of agree with this I dont look for Henry to run elaborate routes. He isn't a traditional pass catching back. I just want him to be used enough in the passing game to keep the defense honest. A few screens, a wheel route, etc... They can still work Lewis in for the more elaborate WR routes. I just don't want the offense to become predictable based on personnel and I think Henry is capable of that. 1 game last year Henry had split out wide as a receiver against WAS and Preston Brown was covering him. That was a nice look to confuse the defense.
  10. 1 play here he catches and breaks tackles, pretty much obliterating that college scouting report and lending more credence to the notion that he has previously been misused Henry also runs a lot of wildcat and pitches for a guy with suspect hands???
  11. I already said LaFleur got promoted to working under Aaron Rodgers in GB. Coaching Henry for 1 season got LaFleur a promotion. Robiskie has flopped everywhere he has been so no, he has no proven track record of success as an NFL coordinator. LaFleur did a good enough job the 2nd half of the season riding Henry to parlay that into working for Aaron Rodgers in GB Now he gets Art Smith. As I said before, he has never had an experienced, successful OC calling plays for him and that won't change this year although I still hold out hope for the best in reference to them incorporating him in the passing game, which he is fully capable of.
  12. More run finisher than tackle breaker? Lol. Henry throws 250lbs LBers on the ground with one hand. He broke a few tackles on his record breaking 99 yard run for a TD. That scouting report was based on his time at Alabama, who had kenyan Drake and other RBs who played the pass catching role it wasn't something they asked him to do. Not somethig he can't do. That's what a generic scouting report can't tell you. He has caught the ball fine the times he has had the opportunity in the NFL. Thanks for the laugh
  13. Baker Mayfield will throw for 4,500 yards and 45 TDs Joshua Jacobs will win OROY OBJ will have 1,800 receiving yards and 12 TDs Julio Jones and Calvin Riey will both go over 1,000 receiving yards and 10 TDs Leveon Bell will be out for the season for some sort of injury by week 8 Leonard Fournette will not play a full 16 game season and Tom Coughlin will draft a replacement for him by the end of round 3 of the NFL draft.
  14. Derrick Henry will rush for 1,500 yards and 15 TDs and will have over 300 receiving yards and 3 TDs. 1,800 total yards and 18 TDs becoming the #1 fantasy RB for 2019.
  15. Nice find. Unfortunately I'm not on Twitter to find nice nuggets like these but that is a completely believable statistic. Henry and Lewis would get hit in the backfield so much last year it's nice to see proof that they had a lot to overcome to gain positive yards. Could pay big dividends for the Titans rushing attack. I'm super excited to see what Henry will do with an OLine that doesn't allow him to get hit in the backfield as often. It's gotta help Mariota take less hits too. Obviously John Robinson and Mike Vrabel made that a priority this off-season. Gotta like what the Titans have done so far this off-season, upgraded the OLine, brought in a competent backup QB in case Mariota gets hurt, added adam Humphries who will be a great short to intermediate safety blanket to help move the chains.