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  1. Doug Martin 2018 Season Outlook

    It was adderol
  2. Off-season Closer Thread 2017/18

    Im interested who you guys think could take over as a closer and rack up some saves. Do the Cubs trust Morrow as closer or could Cishek step up? What about the Mets? Who is ther closer right now?
  3. C.J. Anderson 2018 Season Outlook

    Like elm street level nightmare. Gase would be an idiot to do that so consider it a done deal.
  4. Derrick Henry 2018 Outlook

    Of course i know that. Point being JR is the man making decisions, not the female owner
  5. Derrick Henry 2018 Outlook

    John robinson isnt a woman, as GM, he should have said exactly that to vrabel.
  6. AJ McCarron 2018 Season Outlook

    I guess we get to see this year. Dalton has had 1 of the longest leashes in the nfl as a qb. Its just my personal opinion, has nothing to do with the fact he went to alabama, just that i think mccarron can manage a game better than dalton, he knows how to avoid critical turnovers, how to throw it away when the play is not there, how to move the chains and he doesnt shrink in the moment, he can make big plays in big moments. You can disagree if you like thats fine, i dont see why i would be an sec homer just for that opinion. I have strong opinions about SEC players because they are the ones i watch the most, they are thr ones i have the most knowledge about. I dont talk as much about others because i dont watch them enough. I think McCarron may lack a tad of the arm strength of Dalton but i think his other intangibles listed above are better than Daltons.
  7. AJ McCarron 2018 Season Outlook

    How about what he did to Joe Mixon this year? He is slow playing Carl Lawson from Auburn who should have had a lot more snaps on defense and maybe even switch him to DE with as good as he rushes the QB
  8. AJ McCarron 2018 Season Outlook

    More of an indictment on Marvin Lewis than anything else. Time will tell but i believe McCarron has always been better than Dalton.
  9. AJ McCarron 2018 Season Outlook

    Thix is very true. All we have are limited film work on him and what the bengals valued him at. They put a 1st round tender on him and almost got a 2nd and 3rd round pick for him in a trade. Thats decent to good value for a backup qb, i think he would be good at Denver, NYJ. ARI, MIN, or Miami for a couple years, if he thrives he can sign a bigger long term contract, if he doesnt you havent lost as much as you would if you took a QB #1 and he busted. Sign mccarron, try to get a qb later that can sit for about 2 years For the Browns id use my cap space to sign a dominant oline and dline and excellent depth. Browns could ecen move up and take Baker Mayfield, a guy john dorsey likes but he should sit for at least a season unless mccarron flops uncontrollably. Kizer, i think, got ruined as a QB being forced to start his rookie year, brian kelly said he wasnt ready to come out and he was right, now his confidence is shot. He will be lucky to stay off the PS next year
  10. AJ McCarron 2018 Season Outlook

    With the way Dorsey took a chance on Tyreek Hill, i would not be surprised to see him take a chance on another wr with a troubled past in Antonio Calloway.
  11. AJ McCarron 2018 Season Outlook

    So your mostly admitting i was right. Takes a big man to do that.
  12. AJ McCarron 2018 Season Outlook

    Who said that?
  13. AJ McCarron 2018 Season Outlook

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, even me.
  14. AJ McCarron 2018 Season Outlook

    Think what you want, you just said john dorsey doesnt draft well, tells me everything i need to know about your posts.
  15. AJ McCarron 2018 Season Outlook

    Hill, maholmes, spencer ware, kareem hunt, marcus peters, keeping eric berry. Hill looks like 1 of the best wrs in the nfl. Hunt looks like 1 of the best rbs in the nfl Eric berry is a 3 time all pro Marcus peters is one of the best CBs in the nfl. Here is an excerpt of a converzation with dorsey and the 2017 draft: John Dorsey admits that Kareem Hunt is a notch below the top tier of running backs available in this year’s NFL Draft. The Toledo running back has stood in the shadows of Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffrey all through the pre-draft season, and the Kansas City Chiefs general manager admitted it was the same ranking on the team’s draft board. However, after the top tier, it was Hunt and no one else. “You could see that where we were positioned at that particular round, we had to go up or else we would have not have gotten that running back, so we decided to go up,” said Dorsey in a press conference to explain the Chiefs picks on day two. “I was sitting there and I said, ‘We have to go up and get this running back. Otherwise, we’re gonna miss out. Take out the top tier running backs, this was the next best guy.” Dorsey traded the Chiefs’ third round pick (No. 104 overall), their fourth-round pick (No. 132) and their seventh-round pick (No. 245) to move up 18 spots in the third round with the Vikings. Hunt entered the NFL Draft as Toledo’s all-time leading rusher and came in fresh off of an impressive Senior Bowl performance, where he was named Outstanding Player on the North roster. Specifically, Dorsey kept praising Hunt’s “contact balance” and the fact that he lost a single fumble in his collegiate career as reasons for moving up. “He’s not a Jamaal Charles 4.4 guy, but I could compare some other really good running backs that have played this game that he’s pretty comparable to. His greatest thing is, when he makes contact with the defender, he’s got incredible contact balance, as they say, where the legs continue to move and he’s getting positive yards. “We really like his running style, his contact balance, his ability to run the ball. He had 48 receptions this year. Early on, he weighed a little bit heavier than he normally does, then he goes to the Senior Bowl and displays, at 206 pounds, that he’s a hard man to stop. He’s a pretty good running back. You guys will like him.”