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  1. IDK, Harris is like a mark Ingram clone in his running style but he had stretches in college where he struggled to take over a lead back role, he would go long stretches injured or in the doghouse, which was odd because he is very well spoken in interviews. Regardless it looks like he has suffered the same fate his 1st year in the NFL as he did in college, either hurt or in the doghouse. It's always been odd to me because when he is healthy and playing good his game resembles Ingram. It would be a very Belichick thing to do to whip Harris out during the playoffs but I wouldn't count on it. Maybe if burkhead or Michel got hurt then yeah but I think Harris will have to wait till 2020 and then I think burkheads contract is done and they slide Harris in that role? So hard to tell with the Patriots.
  2. Derrick Henry (hamstring) was removed from the Week 14 injury report. Henry was cleared after getting in a full practice Friday. He'll see his full workload for Sunday's matchup with a Raiders defense that's allowing 135 scrimmage yards to running backs. Henry is in a great spot to extend his touchdown streak to five games this week.
  3. Let’s get Derrick Henry to the Pro Bowl Titans players often get punished for playing in a small market when it comes to things like the Pro Bowl. The good thing is there is something we can do about this. The NFL is allowing voted to happen via Twitter through December 12th. If you use @brettkern6 and @KingHenry_2 and #ProBowlVote in a tweet it counts as a vote. Go ahead and tag @TitansMCM and @jmorrisMCM in those tweets and I will retweet them which counts for another vote. We can ban together and get these guys to the Pro Bowl!
  4. I watched this game For the whole first quarter and until 7 minutes left in the 2nd quarter Dak did not even look in Amari's direction. I thought he must not be fully healthy. Then in the 2nd half when they were down 17 points they started forcing some throws to him and they moved the ball pretty well. I'm glad the Cowboys lost. It's pathetic to see any team go almost 2 quarters of football and not even look in the direction of your WR1
  5. Middle of the road fantasy QB Horrible real life QB
  6. Practiced today: The hottest running back in football over the past month, Henry is a clear top-three play for the first week of the fantasy playoffs.
  7. FRISCO, Texas — Amari Cooper is aware of the discrepancy. The Dallas Cowboys receiver knows he’s averaging more than 3.5 times as many receiving yards in home games as he is on the road this season. Ask him about it, and he’ll break down the reason by game and statistical category. “I feel like if the targets were the same, the production would be similar,” Cooper told USA TODAY Sports this week. “There’s just always extenuating circumstances. I feel like if I was 100% the whole season — which would never happen — the game plan would be getting the ball early, often.” Cooper offers explanations not as an excuse or to assuage himself. He is not concerned. Sure, he wants his 35.5 yards per road game production to more closely match the 126.3 yards he’s averaging at home. His 12.63 yards per target at home nearly doubles his 6.66 away. But Cooper also understands he’s been targeted on average 10 times per game at home and just 5.3 on the road. So he’s not surprised his production varies, nor that five of his seven touchdowns have been in AT&T Stadium's end zones. Ahead of a Thursday game in Chicago, quarterback Dak Prescott wants to narrow the gap. “Even that out for sure,” Prescott said Monday. “I didn’t know that (difference). It’s about going on the road and getting it done. ... We’re going to need that going forward, shouldn’t matter if we’re on the road or at home, as we get deep into this thing.” Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett says there’s “not necessarily” a clear reason why Cooper’s production has varied so drastically. Garrett added: “It’s probably a combination of factors.” Cooper agrees. When he was held without a catch in Dallas’ 13-9 loss to the Patriots, all-pro cornerback Stephon Gilmore’s coverage was textbook. But neither team produced much by air on a cold, windy and rainy day. During a 35-27 win in Detroit, Cooper caught three of eight targets for 38 yards. But fellow receivers Michael Gallup and Randall Cobb posted 148 and 115 yards, respectively. Cooper understood drawing coverage from a Pro Bowl corner like Darius Slay while his teammates went off was valuable to the team. “The reason I don't go to the coaches and say, ‘I want X amount of targets on the road' is I truly feel like we have so many play makers on your offense that I don’t need 10 targets,” Cooper said. “MG can get the job done. Cobb can get the job done. Dak can get it done with his legs. Zeke (Elliott) is back there.” Cooper also has battled injuries to his quad, knee, ankle and heel since training camp. In Detroit, Cooper was limited to 56.2% of offensive snaps in part due to injury. In the 24-22 loss to the Jets, Cooper’s quad ailment sidelined him after just three snaps. The injuries raise questions beyond his physical availability. Throughout the season, Cooper has regularly been limited in or unable to practice during the week. When that happens, Cooper says, Prescott and coordinator Kellen Moore wonder how wise it is to feature him in a game plan. Cooper, an intentional thinker and speaker, won’t tell Prescott he’s functionally healthy if he’s not sure. And often, Cooper doesn’t know himself by kickoff. “I’m not the type of person who, if Dak asks me how I feeling, I’ll just say, ‘I’m good,’” Cooper said. “I don’t want him to have that belief of, ‘He’s great—I’ll get it to him,’ if I’m not really great. So sometimes I can’t even say I’m good because I can’t factor in how much my adrenaline will make me feel better.” The determining factor then often comes on Cooper’s first target, he said. Sometimes, he’s not even Prescott’s first read. But when he’s the best option in the progression and makes a play, then he and Prescott know: Cooper is in the game. “It’s crazy,” Cooper said of playing through pain. “I got to do some research on that adrenaline.” Ahead of Thursday night’s Cowboys-Bears matchup, Cooper remained on the injury report for his knee but participated fully in practice all week. That surprised him, given his season track record and a bad landing on a somersault catch in last week’s Bills loss. The “shocking pain” was so intense, Cooper couldn’t get up at first. But “it’s healed better than I thought it would,” he said. So he believes he can contribute as Dallas faces a top-10 passing defense for the third straight week. The Bears have allowed just 6.13 yards per pass play (fourth best) and 222.2 passing yards per game (ninth). Their defense ranks seventh overall and on third down, allowing a 34.59% conversion rate. The Cowboys offense stacks up favorably, leading the league with 432.8 offensive yards per game and 305.2 by air. Dallas’ 8.17 yards per pass play ranks best in the league. So, too, does its 48.98% success rate on third down. All bode well for the Cowboys’ bid to maintain their lead atop the NFC East. So does Cooper’s health, better than it’s been most of the season. And the forecast, albeit windchills in the 20s and 11 mph winds, does not predict pass game-wrecking rain. Now, Cooper will wait to see how often he’s targeted. “The more opportunities you have in any setting, situation, you’re going to be better off,” Cooper said. “It’s just like basketball: You shoot the ball more, you’re going to have more points. If you only have two shots, then you only score four points.”
  8. He appears to be healthy. He should get his normal 8 or 9 targets and the bears gave up huge plays to golladay, feel like amaris upside you gotta play him and the cowboys need a win pretty bad too.
  9. Suddenly this guy has a chance to blow my season up. Please take it easy this weekend fitzmagic
  10. Saved him early in the season and he will run wild now and through the playoffs. Shrewd.
  11. Wonder if the new Carolina coach will believe in the 1 RB philosophy
  12. In his college days on Spanish radio broadcast he was affectionately referred to as: El Tractorcito Which roughly translates to: "The Tractor" 🚜
  13. I think my original projection of 1,500 total yards and 15 TDs might be on the low side for Hendry this season. Right now he seems to be more valuable than Alvin Kamara or ezekial Elliot. Raiders have given up the 11th most fantasy points to running backs this season. Whose starting Henry this week?
  14. Value would be in receptions for the RB in PPR and half PPR.
  15. 496 rushing yards and 5 rushing TDs the last 3 games. Can't think of any RB I'd rather have. Not even McCaffney!1!1!
  16. To those of you who didn't: You should have drafted Derrick Henry
  17. @pastorofmuppets2 According to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, Miles Sanders will receive the "bulk" of Philadelphia's carries against the Dolphins in Week 13.
  18. I can't tell if his injury is affecting him. TB is bad against slot receivers so I see some boom potential for at least this week.