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  1. Has he been officially cleared? I haven't seen any update that states he's cleared the concussion protocol.
  2. I know, right? Call me insane though, I may have no other choice...LOL!
  3. Great question. But, they play on Monday night so have they haven't left yet?
  4. No. If DJ is playing, I'm playing him. Period. I'd rather put up a low score vs. leaving 20+ FP on the bench and feel like an idiot for benching a top 10 RB. Sorry. Not happening here. Now, if you wanna Flex Edmonds in addition to playing DJ, well...that's another story. Maybe that's a good call, and maybe not so much. That really depends on your other options. Me? I'm playing K. Drake instead.
  5. I know man. I feel ya. I think he'll be good though. Hang tough bro.
  6. If Gurley is in fact out tomorrow (and it's sounding more and more like that will be the case), and Brown gets the bulk of the carries, I think this gives McVay a golden opportunity to go run heavy and have a more balanced attack. That would take a lot of pressure off Goff and also help to neutralize that pass rush of the 9ers. Rams really need this game, and McVay has to realize Goff can't drop back 50+ times a game if they want to win the time of possession and turnover battle. Brown I think gives the Rams a legit between the tackle pounder. I can see at least 15 carries for Brown for 75-80 yards + 3-5 dump off passes for another 20-25 yards. He should also get at least one goal opportunity for a TD. That's a 10 point floor without the TD and mid to upper teen FP ceiling. I have him slotted in as a Flex, but think he provides RB2 value this weekend. Again, all based on Gurley sitting this game.
  7. Benching R. Woods for him. Don't care about Lattimore. Can't keep this dude down. It's Chark Time. Chark Attack. Chark Nado. Let's goo-OOO!!!!!!!
  8. I missing something here? Isn't the 9ers match up this weekend?
  9. So, Malcolm Brown a must add wherever available?