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  1. Welp, I won't lie. That is usually the way it works out. So, by all means...go ahead and draft him!
  2. As a LF owner the last 2 years all I can say is he will be someone else's headache in my league this season. I'm done with him!
  3. I looked but didn't see a thread already started for this. If I missed it, mods please delete. I realize the draft is still a few weeks out, but I'm curious to know how the rookie RB's are viewed pre and post draft, as well as going into the pre-season. Basically, I'm hoping this is an ongoing discussion leading up to FF drafts. Thanks!
  4. Dayum dude. And, from a Fins fan to boot. How much did you win?
  5. I think he proved he is over the shoulder problems he had in a lost 2017 season. He finished 4th in total FP's and 5th in FP/G in my scoring system. He's back to being an elite fantasy QB.
  6. As a Dolphins fan, I always thought D. Williams had the potential to be a solid RB.
  7. I will be targeting Ju Ju next season for sure. Kid is a star in the making IMO.
  8. Dude, I don't know who you are our how you come up with those graphics, but I am really impressed.Outstanding job my friend! I bolded the part of your analysis that struck a nerve with me. Couldn't have said it any better myself! As someone who drafted Howard as a rookie in a keeper league, traded him away in '17 for David Johnson, and got him back again this past season in the draft, I couldn't have been more frustrated (and disappointed) with how he was (not) used by Nagy this season. I get that you want to give Cohen touches and how explosive he is, but daggum...there were opportunities to feed Howard throughout the season and Nagy just would not do it. I don't know if I will have Howard on my draft card next season or not. If the situation is the same as it stands today, he will have to fall to a point in the draft where it makes sense. Otherwise, someone else can have the headache.
  9. Hope you're right bro. He's my vet keeper in a 1 vet 1 rook keeper league. Fingers crossed.
  10. Pretty cool little chart. Thanks for sharing. Based on cap space, I guess the Jets would make the most sense with the Raiders as another possibility.