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  1. 5-17 shooting, 5 turnovers 🤦‍♂️ Watching the game most of his turnovers are just flat out stupid or unnecessary
  2. Anyone know if Horford will be resting tomorrow (Saturday)? Better to know now so we can drop for someone who plays Sat-Sun
  3. Didnt know he was on the court for warm ups tonight. That's a nice little nugget of info...thanks!
  4. Is there really no chance that he plays both? He did say he was 'fine' the same night of the injury, and Lou Will also rested tonight. I wouldnt be surprised if tonight was his rest/precautionary to give him extra time to heal. Obviously it's a gamble to keep him and bank on his two games, but I guess I'm taking the gamble...
  5. Out of curiosity, care to elaborate on this?
  6. He managed to salvage the line a bit. Not a bad ending for starting 0-7...
  7. If he doesnt play tomorrow, will he be IL eligible?
  8. Same here. I mean, if your opponent were to pick him up, realistically, your opponent having one game of Mitch could be the difference in blocks. Since blocks is gonna be a little close this week, I'm keeping Mitch and not looking back. The fact that he gets steals on top of his blocks helps as well.
  9. So since he's unlikely to play tomorrow (Tuesday), his only other games are Fri-Sat. Are you guys holding or dropping? Championship week / playoffs for most of us, so this is important and pretty bad timing. There's not really much clarity on him being available for Fri-Sat. Anyone have any insight into this situation?
  10. Will he be suspended for pushing Embiid? Or just a hefty fine? He pushed Embiid to the floor in retaliation to a bump, but to be honest Embiid definitely sold it on the way down
  11. Does anyone think Capela will be rested for one of their other 2 remaining games (Friday or Sunday) this week? Only reason I'm asking is because Faried is out tonight, and Nene is listed as "available but unlikely to play" tonight. They were already rotating Nene and Faried rest days, and now if they're both out tonight, it makes me think Capela might have a rest day coming.
  12. Now that is a butt clencher. I always hate when matchups are decided by such a slim margin of counting stats. Makes it so that you cant even be confident youre truly advancing because of the possibility of a stat correction. Good luck brotha.