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  1. My kicker spot hasnt eclipsed 5 points yet this season after week 6 and that's despite trying 3 different kickers. Best part is it's a season long points league, so every week adds up to your final total. And for some reason with this leagues scoring, kickers score as much as running backs. So my kicker luck has been sorely frustrating. Youd think luck would eventually net you a decent kicker game. Nope, game script, missed field goals, missed extra points, going for 2, going for it on 4th down, offense cant get to field goal range, trick plays in field goal range resulting in turnovers, you name it. Benched the fairy Fairbairn in his career game. You could put all the kickers names in a hat and have your granny pull a name out every week and youd have a 95% chance of having more kicker points than me. Played McLaughlin tonight and he doinks a 40 yarder off the post and looks bewildered like someone else missed it. I'm honestly shocked he ended up with 5 points after how comically bad the Chargers were. Looked like Rivers had a large wager on Pittsburgh. Oh and I also lost Dissly for the year as an OJ Howard owner, dropped Curtis Samuel before his inevitable 2 touchdown game, and have had several players end up with 98 or 99 yards in this league where you only get points for yards if they hit 100. In a season long points league, these things are so frustrating that I feel like pulling my hair out. I'm having fun though, right? It's supposed to be fun, right? Someone remind me cause I forgot.
  2. My bad, didnt see your post up there. I picked him up and i'm rolling him out there because of bye weeks, but I'm almost fully expecting a dud tonight. Love his prospects ROS though. As a disclaimer the league I grabbed him in is a league where you only get points for 100+ yards or TDs, and longer TDs are worth more. I think he might be less valuable in any kind of PPR league that counts every yard. I love him as a big play guy, I dont think defenses will be able to contain him or pay as much attention to him once the Giants are relatively healthy (Saquon, Engram, Shepard, Tate, Slayton)
  3. I could see the Bengals holding out AJ Green until after the trade deadline. That way he won't put his health at further risk, which means the Bengals don't lose additional value on a potential trade. However, I can also see the angle where a team that's interested in him wants to see him in live action before deciding. Either way, I'm pretty certain he isn't going to play until he feels 105% healthy. The Bengals looking atrocious certainly doesn't help.
  4. Evans has a boom-or-bust nature to him which doesn't help owners much in leagues that count every yard or in points per reception leagues (0.5 ppr or PPR). For leagues that count long TDs or bonuses for 100 yards, or leagues with season-long scoring, etc. he's worth more. That said, I think his schedule lets up a lot after his week 7 bye. This week 6 matchup may be another bad one, as Bradberry is no slouch and matches up well vs Evans. I know none of us were thinking we were drafting a matchup-dependent player when we drafted Evans with our 2nd pick (or $40-$50 in auction, whatever your case may be), but it's reality at this point. I would think he rebounds after the week 7 bye, I can see there being a buy-low window if he has another dud week 6 vs Bradberry, which I kind of expect. Not simply because he can't beat Bradberry, but a combination of Bradberry being a very good corner and because Winston has had it instilled in him to cut down on turnovers and alter his playstyle for TB to win more real life football games. I fully expect teams to put their best corner on Evans every game, but I do think that Godwin balling out will neutralize defenses at least a little bit as the season wears on.
  5. Trying to decide between Fairbairn and McLaughlin this week. Fairbairn has been abysmal, only having 5 FG attempts this season and making 3, though the 2 misses were 50+ yards. The attempts just havent been there, and the XPs havent been there either. I do think he may have a bounce back game this week, as the Falcons pass rush hasn't been good and Houston's achilles heel has been their offensive line. McLaughlin has a much better matchup (DEN allowing most points to K) and the Chargers kicker situation has been much more fruitful than Houston's this year. My problem with him is the uncertainty in his ability and whether or not he's even going to be the one kicking. I can't seem to find solid confirmation anywhere that he's taking over for Ty Long this week, since he just joined the team. Any thoughts appreciated.
  6. Does he get into the endzone this week?
  7. As far as the topic of a potential trade and/or re-signing with Cincinnati, these quotes from AJ himself might be relevant:
  8. RB1 production, RB2 slot. Semantics, but it's the type of argument I'd like us to continue to have in this thread ROS.
  9. Man, when AP was in his prime I was younger and just starting fantasy football. After having watched for some years now, I've got a lot more context after having seen so many different players run the ball. If I saw any player today running like AP did in that video I would call them damn near the GOAT. Sure, my being 26 y/o has something to do with it, but god damn, I did not appreciate AP as much as I should have. What a freaking stud. An absolute treat just to watch him play. To say Carson is comparable in any facet to that guy is a complement. Whether it be running style, violence on short runs, or initiating contact / running through defenders. Carson might not be a HOF player but he certainly looks like he's got Lynch-esque upside in this offense. The fumbles, some of which were a bit flukey due to how they happened (punch out from behind, botched handoff, etc), were also flukey dating back to his fumble rate after ~250 carries last season. Literally the only thing that could hamper his production now is health. Barring injury he is a rock-solid RB2 with RB1 upside. The fact that Wilson threw to him on that touchdown speaks volumes with the game on the line. You could tell how badly Seattle wanted to win this game and they gave Carson 27 carries and he caught the game-winning touchdown. Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson love this guy.
  10. I mostly agree with you, it doesn't make sense to drop someone like Slye, but guys with Fairbairn or similar will drop without hesitation to take Nugent because he will have more opportunities, even without the 50 yarders. If you own someone like Gay or Lambo it depends on your scoring and situation. In general though I'd say Nugent could be a solid middle of the pack kicker which might be a huge upgrade for anyone who's had bad luck at the K spot thus far, or is simply looking to plug in a kicker and not have to worry about streaming every week for the most part.
  11. Anyone besides me considering Chase McLaughlin? Probably only in deeper leagues, but he's looking like a decent option assuming he gets the kicking duties. I read elsewhere that Ty Long had tweaked something during the game last week while doing double duty both kicking FGs and punting. That combined with Badgley's "minor setback" could mean this guy produces as a decent K option until Badgley is back - and who knows how long that might be if this kid performs / or if Badgley simply isn't healing/feeling right
  12. Will John Ross being out for "multiple" games affect AJ Green's timetable?
  13. As a Fournette owner who doesnt have this guy yet, I'm going to be putting in a bid to get him. Fournette's workload is pretty massive right now, and while I think he's in much better shape than last year, it doesnt hurt to have insurance just in case something happens. Also, up until this past week I didn't think mu h of Armstead, but it seems he might be pretty decent so injury insurance + capable player is a no brainer add for me as a LF owner.