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  1. What happened to Deebo? Wasnt aware that he got injured
  2. Happy to see hes able to play but I'm benching him. I know he just had a great game against Patrick Peterson a few weeks ago, but something tells me Peterson might be able to get the best of him this week, especially if hes hobbled by this rib injury. Rolling Auden Tate out here over Sanders, which I dont love, but I feel like he has less dud possibility. At this point in the season I'm not willing to take the chance of a dud. I hope Sanders does have a great game so that there are no concerns moving forward.
  3. Cannot catch a break with this dude's health. Looked to be in a groove too Hope he doesnt miss the game Monday because of this ankle issue, wouldnt be surprised if he misses a game or two...
  4. Last week I lost by 4 points and 1 turnover and Danny Green had 0 points and 1 turnover in the last game of the week. It was like watching myself get tortured
  5. I definitely wouldnt consider 41% a solid fg%
  6. Speaking of %s, where do you guys see his FG% this year?
  7. Juju knocked out early with a concussion - great way to already lose the week before it even started. Just last week I needed 20 points in 0.5 ppr from Emmanuel Sanders, Tyler Lockett, and Josh Gordon combined. Sanders got knocked out instantly and Lockett had a bad game and left early with a calf injury. Fantasy football is so cruel sometimes
  8. The epitome of a cool story, bro. Definitely added value to the discussion in this thread.
  9. 67 games in a week vs 44? How tf is that possible? Do you have more injuries than IL slot allows? More roster spots than a typical league? I've never seen a team with 67 games before
  10. Half ppr, needed 20 points combined from Lockett, Emmanuel Sanders, and Josh Gordon. I thought I had a very good shot at it. They got 3 points apiece
  11. Seems like Covington is not starting the 2nd half, assuming it's because he has 3 fouls.
  12. Is this a copy pasta? I swear I knew every word that was coming next. I think I've seen this exact post made word for word 3 or 4 times now in various threads. Not saying it isnt fitting, either. I totally agree that adding Foles, even if it's just so a potential opponent doesnt have him, is a good idea. I did the same.
  13. The exact same thing has happened to me with Josh Hart, Will Barton, Jeremy Lamb, and Paul Millsap in the same league this year. Spent a decent amount of time deciding who to pick up and who to drop for him, and you refresh the page after you *finally* made a decision and he's been picked up 3 minutes ago by some doofus whose team doesnt even specialize in the stats the player gets. Infuriating
  14. Taking a chance on him because it's early in the season and he's a lotto ticket. Dropped Thybulle for him. At worst, you replace him with a streamer. At best, you cash a lotto ticket. If he falls somewhere in between, you have flexibility to decide.
  15. Looking like a DNP-CD even with no Simmons
  16. Skimmed through some of the discussion in here. He will be fine. He might not get 30 mpg, but he doesnt need to. If you're disappointed with Mitch Rob at this point, you didn't know what you were drafting.
  17. You know Pop is cradling this kid like a baby. He loves him. This is his next Kawhi-like project. He just turned 23...hes going to be very good for a very long time.
  18. Keep in mind this is happening AFTER their bye week. Personally, if it doesnt seem like hes playing next week by Thursday (add/drop deadline for my league), hes dropped.
  19. Literally came in here to say the exact same thing. My gut screamed not to play him, and I went with the matchup. I'm dropping him as soon as I can, dont care that hes playing KC next week. Knowing you probably lost the week already because of this is infuriating.
  20. 5 mins before the game and I'm still debating starting Tyrell Williams. I thought Casey Hayward might shadow him which is a turn off for me
  21. My main concern here is Casey Hayward. Anyone know if he's the type of CB to shadow the #1 WR all game? Or does he usually stick to one side of the field?
  22. Why not just put an end to the charade and put him on IR? That way all parties involved no longer have to "pretend" anything any longer, and the team gets to focus attention on what they do have and so they can evaluate who they need to evaluate for the future. It makes no sense to me why they'd willingly go through all this if they either know it's bogus or if they have an actual plan to not play him or if they know they're paying him and keeping him