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  1. My team QB R. Wilson RB CMC RB K Johnson WR Edelman WR Lockett TE Kelce Flex A. Robinson Bench- J. Washington, M. Jones, Dorsett, Drake, Mattison, Penny
  2. 12 team 1 PPR Am I crazy to consider this trade? Cook has been killing it. I’m a little worried about CMC with Cam out. Help me out WHIR
  4. Solid team bro! Super stacked at RB and got one of the best WR in the game. A lot of depth on your bench too. I’m high on Carson and Coleman this year and you got them both lol. Nice draft bro
  5. Yeah man, after looking at the draft again I definitely should of picked up a WR1 instead of MG3. Im planning to trade one of my RBs for a solid wr2. Thanks for the reply brotha
  6. Solid team bro. Just missing a WR1. You can easily trade one of your RBS for one. But the rest of your team is solid. Thanks for the reply bro, good luck this year!
  7. 12 team 1ppr QB L.Jackson RB CMC RB M.Gordon WR K. Allen WR J. Gordon TE M. Andrews Flex Ridley BENCH: Ingram Carson Murray J. Jackson K. Hunt K. Coutee J. Washington T. Smith Went RB heavy lol but feel like I got some solid WRS. Didn’t draft a K or Def. I’ll wait til regular season starts. Thoughts on my team? WHIR!
  8. I just drafted in a 12 team 1ppr and got him in the 8th round! 96th pick . I guess yahoo rankings weren’t updated lol
  9. I’m drafting this Sunday, I’m taking Zeke at 1. Hoping he gets a contract before regular season
  10. Trey Burton. I ended up accepting the trade. Giants WR core is ugly right now. Barring injury, Engram should feast
  11. Offer received. I accepted the trade. Thanks for the reply brotha!
  12. 10 team PPR My current RBS: DJ, Cook, Ingram, J. Howard, M. Sanders