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  1. He (Kizer) is even worse than Charlie Frye... does not belong in the league
  2. Sky high and I have him for a 9th round pick next season!
  3. Read back the last two weeks in the Gilly and Lewis threads... so many people making statements about being worried about playing Lewis because of Gilly being active last week.
  4. Especially considering he's inactive today.... I'm still laughing so hard at all the people who benched Dion Lewis last week because they feared this bum stepping in.... maybe the most laughable move of many on this forum this year.
  5. How many championships did this bum cost managers last week? I'm glad I was playing against him.
  6. I don't really understand why people keep falling for the Julio Jones trap. He's always hurt and is really unreliable. He's good for a great game or two but definitely not worth a first round pick at this point.
  7. I'd take him 3rd before Ertz especially considering Wentz iffy status next year but it's close. What round you all thinking?
  8. Thielen in the 16th round. Manager who drafted him came in 3rd.
  9. To me considering he had tom savage and tj Yates throwing him the ball, Hopkins had one of the greatest fantasy seasons for a wr ever. The consistency this guy showed with those bums throwing him the ball most of the season was truly amazing.
  10. It can't get any worse than this season and he finished 4th overall in tight end ranking... and that's with a few non existent games early and the injury game Sunday.
  11. 3rd or 4th tight end drafted next year? I'd take him 3rd before Ertz personally with the upside this kid has.
  12. Well thats juat idiotic... is there dumb luck associated with fantasy football? Of course. However, there is definitely a skill based side of it as well. As in those morons may have moved on last week after Foles historic performance but they lost this week. Any manager with any knowledge of the game finds someone else to start at qb in the biggest fantasy of the game of the year who is more proven then terrible Nick Foles.
  13. Yea and to update Ben did end up winning me a championship, trophy and ton of money. What a stud.
  14. But no one would have started Foles last week.
  15. There's a rather large skill portion or should I say common sense side to fantasy football some don't seem to get. Starting Nick Foles in the championship game is just an idiotic idea. He's had one good start in years and managers start thinking they found the golden ticket. I say using common sense is truly lacking if managers would consider risking all of their hard work and success on the championship matchup and start Foles over proven qbs like Cousins or Bree's, which I saw a ton of this week.