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  1. https://sleeper.app/i/EZ7KNRE5LnZW For the rest of the settings, and payments through leaguesafe majority approval. Looking to start drafting asap
  2. If there's interest, I would commish or Co commish. I'm open to additional formats too, let me know if anyone's interested
  3. Buy ins only, under 50 plz, ppr much preferred aaaand yeah, rock on garth
  4. Interested, my email is hbpres94@gmail.com
  5. Sorry that's a bit too much for us, thanks though
  6. Snake draft, low entry fee (30 max), 2qb/superflex much preferred, after 6pm, thanks!
  7. Buy in only, nothing over 50 please and thanks! I would like to try a TE premium league and wouls prefer a different roster set up (2qb, superflex, dynasty) in general, thanks!
  8. I'm interested, how much? Becameeric14@yahoo.com