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  1. What’s the plan with the weather looking pretty bad for Sunday?
  2. JuJu is a bonafide number 1 WR. Most people are just nitpicking at this point. Draft him with confidence.
  3. The amount of overreaction week 1 is always funny. CMC is having a solid game. Stop being a bunch of babies.
  4. I need Gurleys PO BOX I’m sending him an XMAS present for this amazing season and a beautiful way to end my finals!
  5. If he gets to play on game day I'm throwing this bad boy in the flex and hoping I hit the biggest lottery ticket of my life. In Flash We Trust.
  6. I'll take an Aaron Rodgers with no limbs over any QB I have right now.
  7. I don't know about you guys but I'm getting the Doug Baldwin breakout vibe here.
  8. He had one good game which had a favorable game script. He's in a time share backfield that's in a mess. He gets no looks in the receiving game. Who cares about his YPC its doing nothing for him to become a reliable fantasy starter. He doesn't score TDs and and doesn't do anything in the receiving game. Easy pass.
  9. Do you guys trust Carr against Buffalo this week?
  10. Stop giving JStew the damn ball already and let CMC run the show.
  11. David Johnson, we miss you bae. Sincerely, Fantasy Owners.