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  1. Winston Vs. Panthers last 8 game avg: 21/34, 258 yds, 1.0 TD, 1.1 int https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/W/WinsJa00/gamelog/?opp_id=car He usually struggles against this Panthers zone D. I'm kind of feeling uneasy about playing him. He hasn't thrown 2 TD's against them since 2015
  2. I would do it, I'm in the same boat as you with QB streaming and have Winston. The peace of mind would be nice with Dak lol, though he's been known to have his down weeks as well. I have Evans as well and besides this week he has a better road ahead of him. I'm not worried about Evans, though it is a slight downgrade from Hopkins.
  3. I would say Ekeler. I think he's earned to be a part of that offense.
  4. I would trade Chubb but I think you would have to spice it up and add a WR 3 or something of that nature.
  5. Standard 10 team league Do you think it's a safer bet? I think Ridley at least gets 80 with a chance of a TD and Coleman looked good Monday night. The Browns O-line is atrocious, but I know it's always a risk of OBJ breaking the big one. Any thoughts?
  6. You mention Carolina pressuring Jameis but not the better 49ers D-line against the Rams not so good o-line? The Rams O-line has not been playing that much better than the Browns and the 49ers D-line was feasting on them. Maybe they both suck lol. I think Winston has a better game than he did Week 2 because it was only his 2nd game in that offense, and he seems to have a much better grasp of it now. Gurley being out could actually hurt the Rams because the 49ers aren't going to take the run as serious and pass rush like crazy. Bosa is the real deal.
  7. The fantasy gods didn't crush me last week though. Actually won me the week by not starting him.
  8. I sort of agree, but Evans history of playing against Bradberry has swayed me against him this week. He hasn't had a good game against him in years. I'm gambling that OBJ does something week against the injury ridden browns secondary. I will start Evans most weeks though. I think it's been fairly easy to predict the games he will do good and do bad based on matchups. He obviously doesn't do that well against top corners. This is another Godwin week in my opinion.
  9. My WR core is pretty solid so I can afford benching him I think (OBJ, K. Allen, Evans, Lockett, Ridley)
  10. 6pt TD Jameis Winston VS Carolina @ London Goff VS 49ers Minchew vs Saints Kyle Allen @ Tampa Case Keenum @ Miami Stafford @ GB
  11. 10 team standard 6 point qb tds my Lockett for his wentz and dj moore my qbs: Goff, J.Allen wr: obj, K. Allen, mike Evans, Lockett, Ridley I will answer in return ty.
  12. I'm benching but I have 4 WR 1's on my team so I can play matchups. I think Jameis will have a rough time against the Rams pass rush. I would think most people would have to start him though.
  13. I'm starting him. I don't know if he'll go off but I think his floor is safe at least. My gut tells me that McVay and co. have something to prove this game.