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  1. I'm in the same boat with these two. I thing I'm rolling Big Ben though.
  2. I would do it as well. Such a huge upgrade at TE
  3. 10 team standard 6pt tds for qbs Big Ben vs Panthers tonight or Fitzmagic vs redskins? Both home games also Baldwin @ Rams or Larry Fitz @ KC
  4. What are you Big Ben owners doing this week? I know Big Ben is playing away so that's that and Baltimore D is ranked 2nd against QB's, but is Baltimore D as good as the stats say?, I haven't really payed attention to them. Looking at Baltimore D though they have played some pretty weak QB and the Saints were able to run all over them this past week so they didn't need to throw. What you guys thinking?
  5. I'm starting him due to bye weeks, but I'm confident he'll have a decent game. I had him last year so maybe I'm optimistic .
  6. I'm not starting him this week if he plays. New England is best at taking away opponents best player. I'm predicting a blowout by halftime and McCoy doesn't play 2nd half. We've seen this scenerio a few times already this season with the Bills.
  7. Hello all. I have Packers D and 49er's Kicker left and I need 19 points to win. Mason Crosby is sitting on FA, Should I pick him up and drop Robbie Gould for tomorrow?
  8. Yeah I see that, but there are going to be games they have to abandon the run. Baldwin has been Wilson's favorite target for years even when they had beast mode. We have years of samples that shows how good the wilson/baldwin combo is. I'm not going to let one pooper game discourage me too much.
  9. We really only have one game this season to judge him by. I had him last season and he was a beast, so I'm a little optimistic of him turning it around.
  10. Standard Which two running backs should I start? D. Freeman vs Pit T. Coleman vs Pit D. Lewis vs Buf K. Johnson vs GB
  11. As an owner of Coleman and Freeman I hope he sits again this week because I'm not ready for the migraine I get when trying to decide who to start.
  12. I am playing him. It was encouraging to see him fired up on the sidelines, this boy is hungry.
  13. Hell yes I make that trade. Only con of that trade is hoping Fournette stays healthy all season, but a chance I take forsure.