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  1. Joe Mixon 2018 Outlook

    Mmyeah. Highly doubt that. I’d like that though for cincy. Get Hue back in the oc position where he belongs
  2. Joe Mixon 2018 Outlook

    Dalton being out helps Mixon tremendously. Lazor (the oc) has a love affair with dalton, and the offense becomes pass heavy. When dalton returns next season, hopefully Lazor realizes that the run game is very important. Cant trust them though
  3. Kirk Cousins 2018 Outlook

    Oh, so wins determine how good a qb is. Great logic, champ. I guess Aaron Rodgers is doggy doo doo
  4. Kirk Cousins 2018 Outlook

    cool story bro. vikes o-line was better last season(not that it was any good in the first place), the defense was better, and the vikes had a considerably easier schedule. It's a team game after all Actually, Brady's having a good year. Not as good as other Brady seasons, but still good none the less
  5. Kirk Cousins 2018 Outlook

    oh, I drafted him in the 14th round. I got round 14 value. Really thought it was a steal at first. Hey, of course his fantasy numbers werent good, and yea, he cost me some games this year. Dropped him after the pats game last week for Matt Ryan. But that's fantasy. Fantasy doesnt give him extra credit for working with a dog crap o-line that cant run block or pass block. Kirk Cousins is a real life very good qb. You're really reaching, bro. You say he's overrated, I give you credible stats that show he's having an excellent real life year (not fantasy), and then you hit me with QBR stats. A fictional statistic made up by ESPN. I'm not talking make believe, or fantasy. I'm talking real life. He's currently having a better year than Brady(not by much though)
  6. Kirk Cousins 2018 Outlook

    not even going to read the rest lol
  7. Kirk Cousins 2018 Outlook

    damn, that scared rookie has a better qb rating than Brady and Ben, with the 9th most td passes in the league, and 8th most passing yards. More guys need to play like scared rookies
  8. Kirk Cousins 2018 Outlook

    maybe. I think Keenum in minny with a good o-line and the current minny weapons would have 1 or 2 more wins than they currently have. A bad o-line can hamstring an entire offense. Yea, Keenum isnt good, but Diggs, Thielen, Rudolph, Cook > Denver's weapons
  9. Kirk Cousins 2018 Outlook

    do you think minnesota wouldve been better off if they signed Keenum for cheap, and invested in their o-line? I think so. That line is the sole reason why the team is "underperforming"
  10. Kirk Cousins 2018 Outlook

    it's been 1 year thus far. Let's give it more than 1 season
  11. Kirk Cousins 2018 Outlook

    All things considered with the crap o-line, and worthless running game, I'd say Kirk is playing damn well this season.
  12. Look at where the redskins are now. Look where they were when Smith was at the helm. Smith did his job and played well. You see what the redskins are now without Smith. Cousins has zero o-line. Zero. Keenum just stinks
  13. Matt Ryan 2018 Outlook

    He got me 27 in my yahoo league. I’ll take it
  14. lmaoo I mean, last week was pretty good though tbh