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  1. Alex Smith 2017 Season Outlook

    soooo it's on Andy Reid. Only a fool would blame Smith. 2nd half Chiefs defense just couldnt stop Henry, and Reid totally abandoned the run game. Do you know how dumb that is? Your team is missing it's most dominant player on offense (tight end Kelce), and you decide to throw the ball more? umm Kareem hunt is there. How about you use him?
  2. Alex Smith 2017 Season Outlook

    overall he played well. Reid abandoned the run game in the 2nd half, and made Smith throw it almost every down, whilst his best weapon is out of the game. You cant expect success by chucking it to Orson Charles. Dumb stuff by Reid. If Kelce was there, they win
  3. Coaching Carousel 2018 Edition

    I mean, the only teams lower are the LA chargers and BROWNS. could you really get that much lower?
  4. Coaching Carousel 2018 Edition

    they had the 3rd lowest attendance in the league this year..
  5. Coaching Carousel 2018 Edition

    Bro, the fans dont show up to the games. They probably have the worst home attendance in the league this year. Even when they're good, the games dont sell out. If the blackout rule was still in affect, every game of theirs would be blacked out. Clearly the fans arent happy. You'll see it during the 2018 season if you check out a cincy home game. Attendance is going to be pathetic, like it always is. You should've seen the stadium during the 2011 season after Palmer left and Marv re-signed. It looked like they were playing in front of a high school crowd. The owner doesnt really care about the fans, he just doesnt want the team to revert back to the 90's. As long as the team is in the playoff hunt, and Mike Brown gets that shared revenue, nothing will change.
  6. Cincinnati Bengals 2017 Outlook

    please no. Let Cleveland continue to be the clown show of the league
  7. Cincinnati Bengals 2017 Outlook

    yea, well, good thing I only started watching football in 2004. I prob would've ditched this team if I was older, and had started watching in the early 90's
  8. Cincinnati Bengals 2017 Outlook

    what's better for the league, Bengals circa 1991-2002? or Bengals circa 2003-2017 where they are at least competitive, and win their division sometimes. I think you know the answer. I honestly believe that if Jay Gruden, Vance Joseph, or even(God help me) Hue Jackson become available after next season, it will be the last we see of Marv with the bengals organization.
  9. Cincinnati Bengals 2017 Outlook

    hey, I'm not happy that we had to re-sign Marv, it's just that the guy's I personally wanted werent available. I'd be cool with Jay Gruden or even Vance Joseph. Guy's who are familiar with the team, but I dont think hiring someone from the outside was the right move, unless it was Bill O'Brien. What's your favorite team? Why are you so passionate and opinionated about the Bengals? It's a little odd
  10. Cincinnati Bengals 2017 Outlook

    that makes it sound worse than it is. You cant count the years of him NOT making the playoffs as him losing a playoff game. He's 0-7. Which is bad, yes. Saying 17 years without a playoff win makes it sound like he's in the playoffs every year and keeps losing
  11. Cincinnati Bengals 2017 Outlook

    bengals were actually the 4th least penalized team in the league in 2016 anyways, just because Burfict and Pacman are dirty, doesnt mean that the whole team is. Those 2 are, yes
  12. Cincinnati Bengals 2017 Outlook

    I dont get it. Is that a reference to former TNA tag team champion Pacman Jones?
  13. Cincinnati Bengals 2017 Outlook

    Lewis hasnt lost the team though, I'll give him that. Knocking 2 teams out of playoff contention within the last 2 weeks is a good sign that those players still have fight
  14. Cincinnati Bengals 2017 Outlook

    Well, the Brown family does own the Bengals
  15. Cincinnati Bengals 2017 Outlook

    well, they seriously need to revamp the entire offensive line. Sort of like what Minnesota did. If they can address that in the offseason, then I wouldnt be hesitant to draft Mixon or Green