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  1. I like collins here because of the offense he is facing, and the fact that Lev Bell will be seeing a lot of targets. Bodes well for a linebacker
  2. drop your kicker and monitor the situation. But if u have to actually drop someone, I think I'd drop one of your TE's. hooper
  3. if mixon cant get anything going, Gio sure as hell cant
  4. I mean, I wouldnt go that far. Cousins had a real good year last season, and Tampa is running the ball a lot more too. I am leaning towards Godwin though
  5. Diggs > Tyrell, but Aaron Jones seems to be in a better situation than Kerryon. It's pretty even to me. Go for it if you want thanks
  6. I... I have no idea who these guys are, man lol I'm very sorry
  7. Bucs under Aryans seem to be running the ball alot more too. And I dont think we can trust Winston either
  8. I'd do it even with James White's supposed drop in touches. You really should get more opinions though
  9. Fuller, but he gets injured often. I gotta go with Samuel. Hard choice though