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  1. Derek Carr 2018 Season Outlook

    turns out you need a suped up offensive line for Carr to be productive. He has a hard time dealing with pressure. Harder than the average starting qb
  2. AJ McCarron 2018 Season Outlook

    Yea, in Buffalo
  3. AJ McCarron 2018 Season Outlook

    I dont think he cares about the money. He just wants to start. If he does well enough for Buffalo, he can land another starting gig elsewhere. I'm happy for McCarron
  4. Cleveland Browns 2018 Season Outlook

    cherry picking if I've ever seen it. You do know that running backs also catch passes, right?
  5. AJ McCarron 2018 Season Outlook a back up to Tyrod?
  6. Tyrod Taylor 2018 Season Outlook

    the run defense was the good part of their defense, right? That's why they allowed the Bengals (31st ranked rushing attack in the league) to run rampant on them. Twice. Now they just lost their best run stuffing d-lineman. They stink
  7. Tyrod Taylor 2018 Season Outlook

    we havennt this offense perform yet. And Idk, 2014 they were pretty good. Kyle Shanahan was running the show and had them at 7-4 before the front office forced the coaching staff to put in Manziel. Anyways, this team is going to win 4 games MAX. The defense is still heinous
  8. Tyrod Taylor 2018 Season Outlook

    what's your definition of damage? 4 wins?
  9. Jarvis Landry 2018 Season Outlook

    sweet 2008 lingo
  10. Jarvis Landry 2018 Season Outlook

    Playoff wins are a team thing. Next you’re gonna tell me that Alex Smith is better than Rivers because Smith has excellent playoff numbers. Joe Flacco better than Rivers? Hmm, to you, maybe. I also presume Eli is better. (Couldnt be more wrong) A career 85 qb rating in the playoffs is actually pretty good, and like I said, playoff wins are a team thing. Roethlisberger put up a horrid qb rating in super bowl xl, but, ya know, that team win automtically goes on Ben’s back, I guess
  11. Jarvis Landry 2018 Season Outlook

    Phillip Rivers > Ben career numbers back me up too. Dude’s played 2 seasons less than Ben, and is still almost even when it comes to touchdowns and yards. Not to mention better passer rating. Wait wait, let me guess, “2 super bowls”. Yea, heard that before
  12. AJ McCarron 2018 Season Outlook

    Lol still, at the end of the day, 25 to 12 is a good ratio. Dont matter
  13. AJ McCarron 2018 Season Outlook

    Despite having pressure in his face almost every snap(the worst offensive line in the afc), and having the worst rushing attack in the afc(terrible offensive line), Dalton still finished the year with 25 touchdowns to 12 interceptions. That week 1 game against Baltimore he threw 4 ints, right? so the rest of the season he went 25 to 8. Guy's good
  14. Carson Wentz 2017 Season Outlook

    I'm just saying that the pats wouldnt be in the super bowl this year if they didnt have Brady available for the playoffs. Look at Cassel in 08, he pretty much had the same roster that Brady had in 07, he couldnt get to the playoffs. 11-5 is nothing to laugh at, but 16-0 and 11-5 is a big difference