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  1. Staying away next year unless he gets traded smh
  2. REST!? good lord! I seriously hate how players can just take "rest days". Fans pay hundreds of dollars to watch you and you gonna sit out and rest!?
  3. Gotta be kidding meee! Just when its playoffs smh
  4. Just did that exact swap last night lol dropped dunn
  5. This makes rooster and lou the main options?
  6. Wth! He only playing national televised games now or what? Where was this hip strain against okc/New York/GS?
  7. Dropped about 4 weeks ago... I really like his game and he def gonna be a great fantasy player in the coming years but right now just isn't the right time to own him. Too many guys at his position and they dont seem like they gonna trade any of them any time soon 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️..