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  1. 1) Don’t make too many trades. I’m very active and persistent in making trades to build elite teams. I’ve done so for two years and fell short of winning it all due to injuries and a lack of depth to make up for it. 2) Focus on having as many RBs as you possibly can. RB depth is extremely important, especially with RBs being more likely to get injuries If you can’t do that, then cuff your RBs. Seriously. 3) Don’t ignore the TE position. I drafted Mixon over Kelce in the 3rd round.
  2. Played in 3 leagues. Lost two, but the one I won in was the best feel good story. Joined my friend’s league of him and a bunch of his friends I don’t know. Most of them are well off apparently. I don’t care much about that but I’m still in college and working a great job thank God, but they all make more than I do. It was a cheap 20 dollar league and I had put together the best team. Well during the playoffs, all the eliminated teams started picking up players off waivers, to help their friends beat me (specifically Samuels when I lost Conner). I called them out on it and their responses were “you’re that broke that 20 bucks makes you this upset?” and “I make 20 dollars while taking a s--- and I wipe my a** with it.” I beat one of them in the semi finals by 0.4 points due to Gurley’s final catch last week against the Eagles. I changed my team name to “0.4” and then proceeded to beat the other guy yesterday in the finals due to a Damien Williams catch. Feels good to win in that league although I lost in my $100 league and work league.
  3. Seriously I keep opening the app and I’m just like “wtf am I even doing on here” lmao. It’s become a habit to open the app and then come here. I think we’re all just competitors looking for that fix. Unfortunately for me (well I’m fortunate enough to have this opportunity) but I’m finishing up my final two semesters in college so I gotta step away from fantasy football next season. Those 400 level classes are no joke.
  4. I don’t know what to do with my hands now that fantasy fottball is done.
  5. Same here. 3 years/3-2nd places. Mine all due to injuries or mishaps. Last year it was AB and Zuerlien. This year it was OBJ, OJ Howard, AJ Green, and Hunt.
  6. Gase not using Ballage is making me want to vomit on his chest.
  7. Mahomes Kamara Ballage Adams Pettis Thomas DJ Browns Butker
  8. I’d suggest dropping both Sunday morning so they don’t clear waivers for your opponents. Pick up safer scorers for your bench in case of a tie breaker.
  9. I just like to talk to myself when threads are locked.
  10. Alvin Kamara - 2 of 3 Dalvin Cook - 2 of 3 Joe Mixon - 2 of 3 Jarvis Landry - 2 of 3 Robert Woods - 2 of 3 Cam Newton - 2 of 3
  11. This game is too big for my soul. I had to be the one creating this thread.
  12. ESPN slow as f---. We should all report it to them. Hopkins numbers updated but not McGuire.