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  1. PPR , 5 point bonus for 100 rec and 5 point bonus for 300 passing yards Rivers vs TEN or Stafford @MIA Alshon vs CAR or Golladay @ TEN Gut telling me don't start Lions players but I think Chargers will get up and run the ball more. Detroit, well being a Lions fans u never know we could get behind and have to throw but u never know what Stafford will do
  2. Yeah that was the deal I have Jeffery I hit the yes button Yeah I never had Ingram on any team, since I've played . But everyone has said hit the accept button now lol. Really because I have 3 studs at WR alreadty I accepted . 10 mins after I accepted Jeffery got another TD and got like 13 targets on the night. So I needed the input from the roto fellas .thanks for breaking it down man it really helps
  3. No way alshon would be a first round pick man. Maybe 3rd round but def not 1st or 2nd. Why u so down on Ingram? Just wondering about what ur saying
  4. Jeffery a 1st round pick no way. Even if he wasn't suspended he would be a 3rd round pick at best. Why are you so down on Ingram? They balanced it out last year. Plus with my WR depth and lack of RB depth I think it was a decent move. Just wondering how u see alshon going in any lg in the first round
  5. Ok here's my team and why I need to do it... But is it a good trade? VALUE wise? Qb- Watson/Rivers WR- Hopkins, Thielen, K. Allen, Alshon Jeffery and G . Allison RB- Zeke,Conner, A Jones, Clement and Smallwood TE-.Burton and Engram
  6. U don't need a TE. I'd see if he'd take brown and Miller for him str8 up... Or brown and and another WR besides Evans for gurley and cole or Allison
  7. Toss up between funchess and Cole. Def not shady. Id say cole
  8. Yeah I'm hoping conner can hold it down for me for 2 more weeks and Jeffery has a good game and trade him for a good RB2... Last year Jeffery was really inconsistent but we will see this year ! Thanks
  9. RBs are LOW after I made this trade Wednesday morning was hard to give up white especially after seeing last night's game but I couldn't turn down James White for KeenanAllen earlier this week.... Here's my team will look like : Rivers/Watson Zeke/Conner/Ajayi/Aaron Jones/Duke Jr Hopkins/Thielne/Allen/Alshon/Allison Burton/Engram on IR Bears D
  10. Yes now!!!
  11. Man if u can. Get CmC do it..somewhere in the CmC mixon area..... Maybe Hunt?
  12. UPDATE!!!! got offered :Mixon Chris Thompson for Zeke..... Since I made the White trade should I accept or try to trade Alshon or even Allen for a Top RB??
  13. Made this trade Wednesday AM.... My team would be Rivers/Watson Zeke/Ajayi/Aaron Jones Hopkins/Thielne/Allen/Alshon/Allison Burton(will have him next week)Hopper/Engram on IR Bears D It's gonna leave me thin at RB but Zeke as my #1 is solid and I'm gonna try and move a package for a better rb2 I shouldn't of tured down. Allen for white..right