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  1. I'm waiting too, there's some pickups I want to add now!
  2. out for a foreseeable future......did he seem injured at the rising star game?
  3. Clear to play, if he signs with the rockets, any value to see here?
  4. Not really worth holding imo, had him pretty much whole season, dropped before the trade, and not really miss his production at all
  5. What is is trade value? I'm trying to offload him due to only 2 games in the first playoff week. Maybe looking for a wing player
  6. What do you guys think? Safe for 30 minutes ROS? Was contemplating dropping him and pick up Ellington
  7. Damn if Doc is playing Shamet over SGA in crunch time, guess he is not going to be as good as a pick up now....
  8. Did not close out game? For those who watched the game, may i asked who were the closing 5?
  9. Minutes restrictions, does that mean he is not fully 100%?
  10. Would you guys cut Bullock for Ellington now, not sure how much playtime Bullock will get now in LA, will need replacement for the 3s production
  11. My JJJ, Huerter and Shai for Harrison Barnes, Reggie Jackson and Joe Ingles. If that I'll gain 3 games during my first week of playoff games, will you guys do it?
  12. Who are the biggest names to watch in the buyout market?
  13. Anyone to watch in the Knicks guards now Matthews is gone?