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  1. Doing the exact same thing. Minshew has been pretty consistent so far with decent numbers.
  2. If I was you, I would either trade him for a RB upgrade or plug him in your flex and start picking out a polisher for your championship trophy. It would be illogical to go back to Foles at this point unless Minshew starts crapping the bed.
  3. Definitely rolling him out. If you have him on your team I don’t see the logic in not playing him. Unless you have much better options.
  4. Cousins should not even be rostered. Is Minshew not available as your backup?
  5. I would definitely not do this! Studs win you games in fantasy and you would be trading one away. The drop off from Allen to Thielen will handicap your team. I would be ecstatic if I was on the other end of this trade.
  6. I would try McCoy and McLaurin and sees if he bites. You will be stacked at WR then. Bench depth does not win games, so I say pull the trigger! If he is still available or was dropped I would then go snag Darrel Williams as a bench stash... if Damian or Lesean go down, you really have no loss here.
  7. I just added Debo myself since I had some room. Go for it!
  8. Stashing Debo is not a bad move if you have the bench space. I would rather have Preston Williams if he is still out there based on his targets alone. I would not waste a waiver move on any of these guys.
  9. Stashed him on the bench since I had some extra room from trading away a lot of my depth. Will see what happens.
  10. Grabbed him to stash on the bench. I see plenty of upside here. He has decent fantasy numbers so far.
  11. Yes I would much rather have Kerryon and Amari over Jones and Woods. No way they accept that offer though. You MIGHT be able to get them to bite on Carson and woods for Kerryon straight up.