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  1. What league are you in that he's not owned? Lol
  2. The good thing is that the raptors have lost two in a row. They might need to make a push to secure the #1 seed during fantasy playoffs.
  3. I was getting so much s--- in the Vucevic thread for trading Vuc/Siakam for Towns earlier this week. This guy's a monster and almost been keeping up with AD/Harden in value-per-game for the last month despite their historic stretches.
  4. Tbh, that's what I thought too during the 15-16 season too.
  5. Not only that, but the raps have a good chance at the finals/championship with him this year, even if he's just a rental.
  6. I managed to her KD, KAT, and Kawhi in a 14T league 👀
  7. I would not give up Markannen at all for Dinwiddie. He can put up outbursts of points, rarely. But he just had a very hot start. His fg% is atrocious when you look at the second half of last season. Even at his hot start, he was ranked 7th+ round on BBM.
  8. 14T, 9-CAT; H2H. I can use more points, rebounds, steals, threes, and assists. Team composition: Kawhi KAT KD Turner Mirotic Buddy Hayward And a bunch of waiver scrubs.
  9. Lmao okay, if you want to make yourself feel better by overvaluing your Siakam
  10. It was a fun ride boys. Traded this stud and Siakam away for KAT. Wish you all luck <3.