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  1. Team 1 has become available. Draft date is 3/17 evening. Please make sure that is ok before emailing.
  2. One opening remains. Fun active league in its 10th year.
  3. Team 2 is still open. You can trade in the preseason if you’d like to target other keepers, but all players in deal must be kept. So a 2:1 could help with that 5th spot.
  4. I've sent a message to our commish to contact you. You can try to email him (Scott, too if you don't get anything soon. Thanks, James
  5. Established dynasty league needs 2 hard core replacements. This is a points league, not H2H or roto. We're looking for dedicated owners. 5 Non-expiring Keepers + 1 Rookie keeper. Although we do NOT play for money, its very competitive and we'd like someone who intends to play all year. Below are the teams available. Preseason trading is an option if all players involved are keepers. Email our commish Scott,, for more details or interest. Team 1 (8th pick) Story Harper Baez Benintendi Blackmon Greinke Bumgarner Rookies: Robles Team 2 (2nd pick) T Turner Stanton Soto Hoskins Abreu Folty Rookies: Alonso, Bichette, Rodgers
  6. The Cruz trade is trash. Cruz is old as dirt and only has Util eligibility in Yahoo. The Turner trade is decent but doesn’t blow me away. Nola is a top 7-8 dynasty starter in his mid 20s. You can ride him for 7-8 years. But like the previous poster said, so many variables are at play like keeper length, league size, scoring, roster, etc.
  7. Still need 1. Email me or select apply at below link.
  8. 12 man Yahoo Cash League (Re-draft) needs 1 replacement. This is our 9th year with our core group and we take it very serious! Settings at below link. Read them carefully. Snake Draft - Wed Oct 10 9:30pm CDT In summary, this is a H2H daily points league (1 win per Mon->Sun week) with waiver only free agency that runs 2am on Sat, Sun, Mon. Unlike H2H football where everyone has an equal set of games, H2H basketball is slanted towards who can log in the most and start the most players. So our system offsets that by only using 3 days of free agency waivers to clean up the last 2 days of your week as well as set up your upcoming week. Unlike a weekly lineup lock, daily lineup changes still allow you to manage your lineup on a daily basis using your depth to cover injuries, bad matchups and last minute resting players. With the draft approaching, once you join I need payment immediately upon signing up otherwise I'll need to find another. Apologies to residents of Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, Nevada and Washington, Yahoo does not allow you to partake in their cash leagues. Email to get more info or ask for an invite. Looking for very strong owners to add to our core group for years to come. I look forward to hearing from interested owners. Thanks, James