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  1. I have both, and want MG3 to sit. I would hate to see him go in and re-aggravate his knee in the first series and sit the rest of the game. I don’t like putting in players that are that close to injured, that they are a GTD. Now or if he practiced fully all week and was confident he was definitely playing, then I’d rather have MG3. This is time of year, it’s the players that make it through the games that win championships. Studs on the sidelines do nothing to help win.
  2. Playoffs this week and next. Lost Sanders, need a WR 2. Jones, Tate, and Sutton available on wire. I have DJ Moore, and Humphries on my bench
  3. I have Gordon in now, but really want Diggs in there. I just can’t have the same thing happen to him, as AJG today... So I’m back and forth.
  4. PPR- A Jones or MG3 Lamar Jackson or Wentz both must win leagues.
  5. Same boat, Jones or Gordon. I’m afraid they rest Gordon once they get up a few scores. I wish they would have just sat him out to make decisions easier. I prefer Gordon if he plays all game, but what % chance that happens today, if they jump to an early lead?
  6. Cousins has been very meh lately. I’m in a must win game vs top team in our league. Last time Cousins played packers, he went off, but that is a distant memory now. Can he do it again? Jackson is running a lot, and should get into the end zone once or twice. Who offers the best chance to win?
  7. I’m in the same boat. Gordon or Jones. The chargers should have no problem getting a lead on Arizona, (probably a dst td or 2), so with Lynn saying they might want to shut Gordon down to rest up for December gauntlet, makes me worry that he plays 2 quarters, then hits the ice bath. I am fighting for a playoff spot, and I’m playing the top team that’s loaded. I can’t afford Gordon to exit the game with 10 points. I’m also not high on Jones this week with Vikings defense coming alive and idiot McCarthy calling the plays. I feel there might be a lot of 3 and outs for the packers today. So quite the pickle myself
  8. I have had Cooper every year, except this one. He’s hard to own. Teases with amazing games like this, then disappears completely for awhile. Maybe Dallas changes that, but I’ve been burned too many times by Cooper to trust, unfortunately. GL to those that have him this year, and hopefully the cowboys make Cooper what he should have been in Oakland.
  9. But will he just be a decoy, if he’s playing? That’s the question. Him just being on the field will draw coverage, opening the game up for Boyd, Ross, and Mixon. Cutting and running on a jacked up toe, is no fun, and will affect your precision and speed. If his toe is dang near 100%, then I’m confident he plays per usual. But if it’s only 75-90%, he might just end up being a decoy mostly. So where is he at?
  10. McCarthy is the worst play caller in the nfl. He has zero imagination, nor does he understand what the defense is doing against him. Rodgers will be getting mobbed on every drop back, but McCarthy keeps dialing up deep routes. I’ve watched him call the same exact play in a row, numerous times, when it did absolutely nothing the first time. The offense runs best in 2 minute drill when Rodgers calls the plays at the line. That goes a long ways in showing how much MM holds this offense back. The only reason he has he has so many wins on his resume, is because he inherited a talented team. Any other coach would have won more games than MM over the years, with the same players. I can’t wait for this moron to be fired...
  11. After watching TY Mont with the packers, he is no threat to Collins, other than obvious passing downs and gadget plays. Ty Mont is mostly a receiver that lines up in the backfield
  12. The packers line couldn’t maintain a pocket at all last night, and yet moron McCarthy kept dialing up deep plays... I can’t wait till he gets fired. They should have have been working on short and intermediate routes all night and getting the ball out quick. Slants and screens, which would have opened up slant and go’s. McCarthy significantly reduces the value of most of the players on this team.
  13. Depends who will cover Lockett. If it’s Alexander, then I don’t like Lockett. I’m kinda leaning to playing MVS myself, as I think this will be a shootout.
  14. Keenum may not be the greatest qb, but he was more than serviceable for the Vikings last year, and fed Thielen, Diggs, and Rudolph well. Why is he a piece of crap this year? Are those 3 players that significantly better than Sanders and Sutton, (and formerly DT), that they made up for his horrible play? I haven’t watched any broncos games this year, so maybe someone can shed some light on what’s different this year from last, for Keenum. Is it play calling? Bad qb play? Weak receivers? No one syncing up together?