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  1. JHoward for Fitzmagic WHIR 100 percent

    I wouldn't sell an RB for QB....rather get rid a WR3 for a QB unless if is a QB league where you start 2 QB.
  2. Trade Hunt or Conner + K Allen for Gurley?

    Team is solid...You don't need Gurley.
  3. Not a bad trade...Landry gets volume which is great for PPR and Coleman is RB1 and also great for PPR.... This trade will improve you at RB and keep WR the same since Tyreek and Landry are almost the same...
  4. Start 2...4 options...WHIR!

    Hooper, Atl. at Cleveland Doyle, Indy. vs. Jax
  5. Thielan/J. Brown for Fournette/AJ Green

    Stay put and just flex Brown or Sutton....You are 9-0 for a need to be a hero now.
  6. Having Gurley would totally benefit you but I don't see this as a fair trade...Gurley is by far the #1 NFL fantasy player... If you can pull that trade you will have an unstoppable team with Gurley.. Gurley Hunt Tyreek OBJ Conner
  7. Fair trades? Or veto worthy?

    Nah! looks fair to me.
  8. TE to start....McDonald or Reed....WHIR

    So I just picked up John Ross in waiver and someone offered me Jared Cook for him... Do you think that is a good trade and start Jared Cook over McDonald ? I picked up Ross in case AJ is out and he becomes truly a reliable WR but its something we have not seen for the past 2 seasons.. my current WR are: TY, Cooks, Shepard, D.Jackson. I think I can prob do the trade and still pick up WR of waivers.
  9. Help with Flex/DST - WHIR

    BUFF @ NYJ or Fournette @ INDY
  10. trade 1: Cam and Luck is about the same and Luck is throwing over 40 passes a game.... Cam = Luck Cooks = Hilton Ingram or Kerryon < Cook The real upgrade here will be Cooks... Trade 2: AJ is a big risk because he might not even play the rest of the season. If any, i'll do Dalton for Watkins but not give a QB and WR for an injured WR.
  11. MVS for Jones - WHIR!!!

    You don't need the extra WR...You already have enough depth....
  12. TE to start....McDonald or Reed....WHIR

    I'm thinking about it but what makes me keep Rudolph is that offense keeps moving the ball...But I thought last week with Diggs being out, he would be an integral part of the passing game.......but nothing... :-(
  13. So, I traded a WR for McDonald because my current TE (Rudolph) is on BYE... Now, someone dropped Reed in waivers but he won't clear until friday. Would you start McDonald thurs against CAR or risk it and put waiver $$$ on Reed for Sunday ? Upside: CAR and TB both sucks against the TE Downside: Reed is always banged up and McDonald could just get the average TE score (3, 40).... With that said, who would you go with? McDonald or Reed.... PPR league....
  14. Week 10 QB? WHIR

    Bengals will play from behind....Dalton.
  15. T. Hill for K. Allen? WHIR

    wow! Hills and Mahomes on your team would be solid.