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  1. Anyone know when they start posting the links? Any other site have a good stream of NFL redzone?
  2. Absolutely terrified of sexy Rexy this game.
  3. Any former Winston owners here? I think I’ve settled on this guy. Good matchups. And to a certain degree you gotta pick your spots with me.
  4. Pass protection is huge with Mahommes as QB. But, I really hate these mini hype trains. Just enough noise to make a ruckus.
  5. Aaron Jones. Michel fumbled last game. I own both btw. I’m starting both due to roster circumstances
  6. PPR D.Will for J.Gordon 0.25 PPR Ertz for Sony Malcolm Brown for Ross
  7. Competitive 12-team PPR league. Yet someone rage dropped Jeffery. I’d be dropping Ty Johnson for him, but I’d have to burn my #2 waiver on him.
  8. Just curious what some of the strategies are. Chargers D is a FA and they play the Dolphins next week.
  9. At noon today I made the decision to cuff Brown by trading for Gordon. Im all aboard. Here is to a nice 6/100/1 line.
  10. 98% He is sitting unclaimed in both my 12-team PPR league and 12-team standard league. He may be #1 on the team, but he’s not the #1 fantasy WR on the team. Can the Jags support 2 relevant WRs in this system? Time will tell. Hes dropping passes yesterday. He put up 1 catch against Houston last week. QBs are averaging 3.9 yards per attempt when targeting him.
  11. Yep. Trying to get Josh Gordon. I’m thinking a back end RB2 for him would work.