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  1. My list. Joe Mixon Tyreke Hill Julio Demaryius Thomas Golden Tate Jordan Howard Brandin Cooks Lamar Miller Robbie Anderson Demarco Murray Larry Fitzgerald Thielen It's interesting, I'm sure there are many personal experiences that go into thsee lists. For example, I see Ty Hilton made someone's list. But for me......he'll keep me up at night. I've never not played that dude when he didn't put up a 8/170.
  2. Marcus Williams 2018 Season Outlook

    Unfortunately, about 5% of Saints fans (made up number) were incredibly drunk and roasted him on twitter. The Saints have a tight enough locker room to help him through it. Lots of blame to go around.
  3. Minnesota vs. New Orleans Divisional Game

    Imo, the best thing in the world for that sideline ref is that Diggs scored. Forward progress as it relates to the out-of-bounds is not reviewable. Had Diggs not scored...and he fought latetally towards the sideline while being tackled.....the REF would have had to make a non-reviewable decision that likely determines the game.
  4. Minnesota vs. New Orleans Divisional Game

    I think the safety was trying to knock the legs out from Diggs on his way down. Imo, that was the only way to keep him in bounds.
  5. Marcus Williams 2018 Season Outlook

    Young stud. Will be a phenomenal safety and apart of one of the greatest team drafts in recent memory. Terrible play tho. After the game...he couldn't make it back to the locker room. He fell to the ground crying his eyes out. He'll respond.
  6. Minnesota vs. New Orleans Divisional Game

    Diehard Saints fan. Gut wrenching. After the Willie Snead 4th down conversion...I was screaming at the top of my lungs for them to slow it down. We line up to kick the field goal....and (not at the back of my mind)...but the forefront of my mind......I think of the devasting alternative solution. This game was a mirror image of the Saints vs 49ers in the 2011 Divisional Playoffs. Both games on the road, both games we were down 17-0, and both games had 4 lead changes in the final few minutes. Unlike 2011, I'm happy for the Vikings fans. They have been through hell. Ill be rooting for them the rest of the playoffs.
  7. NFL Division Round -- Picks

    Something else I think about. Lots of QB legacies could shift in historical perspectives. A Big Ben SB victory then retirement could put him on most lists as a top 10 QB ever. A Matt Ryan victory validates (in a way) that he was an MVP player. Regular season MVP QB + Superbowl victory in seperate seasons = HOF? Brady winning another probably puts almost a Jerry Rice stamp on best QB to play in the modern era. Brees winning another would prolly keep him up above Rodgers on most lists and the Manning vs Brees debate is all square in almost every way.
  8. NFL Division Round -- Picks

    It's a terrible matchup for the Saints. In the Payton era, they have never been able to knock off the stout defenses during the playoffs. 2006 vs the Bears D - loss 2011 vs the Niners D - loss 2013 vs the Seahwawks D - loss I'm not sure where I would rank the Vikings defense compared to those defenses. All of those defenses were very very good.
  9. NFL Division Round -- Picks

    Many of the Vikings fans on message boards, reddit, and the like are still very very ticked off about the infamous 2009 NFC Championship game against the Saints. I'd be ticked too. That team could have easily beaten the Saints. They turned it over 5-6 times I think in that game and still had a chance. But to set the record straight....Vikings ran a bounty program at the exact same time the Saints did. Many 'newer' vikings fan seem to forget that. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2016/10/26/artis-hicks-vikings-had-a-bounty-program-like-the-saints/
  10. NFL Division Round -- Picks

    I'm completely shocked how many folks are taking the Saints over the Vikings. I don't think the Saints can run the ball against this defense. (Peat out for the Saints is a gigantic blow). Xavier Rhodes will slow down Michael Thomas. Harrison Smith and the other db's will take away the Ted Ginn big play. I only see two scenarios that involve the Saints winning. 1) Saints defense plays lights out and forces 2+ turnovers 2) Vikings ride the early energy and create a big lead....then think they already have enough points to win....play prevent defense....and the Saints go ham in the final 8 minutes. I'd guess Vikings win 38-27. Score being 38-13 before two garbage TD's.
  11. Early 2018 Top 20 Rankings

    Ill have my eye on Adams. Unless someone owned him this season...he flew under the radar. It's crazy how he now has back to back top 10 WR seasons...and yet doesn't have the name value that comes with it. I'm not sure on X and Y stuff and which receiver is which in that offense. 5 games vs Slay, Rhodes, and Peterson next season.
  12. Early 2018 Top 20 Rankings

    Michael Thomas has put in some real tasty PPR numbers in the last 7 games or so. He had a down game in week 16 coming off a hammy issue. His ADP in 2018 may mirror his ADP in 2017. This is across formats. I could see his receptions go down but TD's could go up by 1 or 2. He could/should be the 4th WR taken. Someone else who could sneak into the top 24-30 in ppr is Landry. I see him as someone very desirable early in the 3rd round. He sets up nicely going WR/WR/WR in my opinion. #9 Beckham/Thomas #16 Evans/Green #33 Landry
  13. AP 2017 NFL All-Pro Team:

    Great to see Cameron Jordan get recognized. Falcons have a linebacker named Dion Jones or something. He's a stud. Didn't make any all pro team tho.
  14. Falcons will choke later in the game. No doubt in my mind.
  15. Derrick Henry 2017 Outlook

    Just looking at him and only him.....he looks slow. And yet he just outpaces everyone.