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  1. 3rd straight year that Mr Robby started a game for me. Thanks dude
  2. Didn’t win anything as I missed the playoffs. But I was tied for the lead in All Play win percentage (71%) and PPG (112 PPG....0.25 ppr) with one other team. Me and that other team both scored 108.80 points. What absolutely sealed my fate this season was 2 fold. a lack of patience in my players (Carson, Henry, CMAC) and last minute roster changes.
  3. Brees needs 400 yards to reach 4000 for the season. An incredible streak of 12 straight years on the line. May not play next week. Payton is a stat chaser.
  4. Ted Ginn is back. Hopefully this pushes the back 7 a few yards further downfield. Saints will get their probowl LT back this week too. He is athletic and gets downfield. Kamara hasn’t had a big scrimmage play in a long long time. I believe his last 20 yard play came against the eagles on a 4th down wheel route.
  5. He could have a monster day running. He needs 152 yards rushing to become the Saints all time leader. As a fan, id like to see him get 20+ carries today.
  6. I think Lattimore will cover Juju. And I think Juju wins that matchup. Eli Apple on Brown with rolling coverage.
  7. Same boat. I willingly put a saddle on a weak horse tonight because my other options were to point chasey to me.
  8. Yep. By week 11-12, I began to scout for week 16 QBs. Settled on Josh Allen and Dak in my leagues.
  9. I dropped him earlier today and watched him slowly drift off into the sea tonight.
  10. Some are assistant coach comments, some may be CSB. But offering perspective on a players perceived value should belong here if done properly.
  11. I'm running tons of scatter plots on my leagues. Looking at H to H, All play, PPG. Its beginning to shed a little bit of light on the amount of minimum luck that contributes to the overall success of season long head to head matchups. The R2 value in a scatter plot (degree of correlation) was calculated in powerpoint for: Season long All-Play win percentage AND average points per game (R=0.9605) Season long All-Play win percentage AND forecasted Head to Head wins based on weekly rankings (R=0.9772) Season long All-Play win percentage AND actual season long Head to Head win percentage (R=6568) Forecasted wins based on weekly rankings was calculated by this. In a 12 team league, if you finished in the top 4 in scoring then you got a 75% of winning. Middle 4 then 50%, bottom 4 then you got a 25% chance of winning. Essentially, your All-Play record is exceptionally correlated with points per game and forecasted win percentage (R values >0.96) But when compared to your actual head to head season long record, the R value was 0.6568. This sheds light on the amount of minimum luck in fantasy football in head to head leagues. Approximately 30% of your season long win total cannot be explained.
  12. I don’t see the shootout. Ravens have only scored 3 offensive TDs in a game just once since the month of October.
  13. It’s a likely 24-20 game with a better chance of 17-14 than 31-28 IMO.
  14. Dwayne Washington for those with a week 17 championship
  15. In my league I missed the playoffs in. I just moved into 1st place in terms of All-Play win % and 1st in PPG. 20-0 so far in all play this postseason. 2 teams had bye in round 1. It will be the 4th straight year I’ve finished 1st in both categories in this 12-team money league. I’ve won the championship the last 3 years straight and missed the playoffs this year. Head to head can get finicky.