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  1. I'm hoping Tyrell can escape as a RFA and land somewhere without so many mouths to feed. in the right system, I think he can be a legit WR2. huge. fast. makes catches. Imagine if Green Bay uses their $2.3 million out on Jordy (saves them $10 million) and signed Williams to an offer sheet? His dynasty ADP would instantly jump 25 spots. I'm not sure what the Chargers were doing last year taking a WR in the top 10, but are they really going to tie up 3 sizable contracts at WR now? my only other Charger stock is in Ekeler. He really flashed pretty huge when given playing time. I expect good things from him in his sophmore year. Gordon looks like a slug in the run game. It seemed like every time Ekeler was given the ball he looked like he was shot out of a f#&king cannon. Between the tackles too, not just the stretch stuff. Granted, defenses were likely playing different strategy in these spots, but nonetheless, to me he looks ready to eat into Gordon's workload at an increased rate in 2018. I think Rivers will still be cheap in redrafts next summer, and next years team could be as or even more pass heavy.
  2. Alvin Kamara 2017 Season Outlook

    Sunshine pumper
  3. Saquon Barkley 2018 Season Outlook

    They can but it rarely happens. When it does, its pretty big news. The most famous instances were Eli drafted by Chargers, Bo Jackson by the Bucs, and of course Elway by the Colts. Eli and Elway threatened to sit out and got their way and got traded, bo jackson didnt play for TB.
  4. Derrick Henry 2017 Outlook

    DerrickHenrysMom can go away now until next year.
  5. Trey Burton 2018 Season Outlook

    Miami will need a TE, not that I want him going there
  6. De'Angelo Henderson 2017 Season Outlook

    the Bronco's fan site writers have been in love with this guy since the preseason, now they get their chance to write snarky articles https://predominantlyorange.com/2017/12/31/deangelo-henderson-touches-ball-scores-touchdown/ http://broncoswire.usatoday.com/2017/12/31/denver-broncos-news-deangelo-henderson-first-nfl-touchdown/ picked him up as a FA midseason and basically threw away the receipt and allocated a deep dynasty stash spot to him that i vowed to not touch. I think the denver backfield situation plays out like many above have said, with booker and henderson being their main guys and CJA and JC gone, hopefully behind a much more talented QB than they currently have on the roster. i thought it was a good long play when i picked him up, and nothing that's happened since has me thinking otherwise. first 2018 post in henderson's 2017 thread. hopefully the henderson 2018 season outlook thread will be much longer than 4 pages!
  7. Cool Story Bro 2017 Edition

    still basking in my dynasty championship but enjoyed watching the games with nothing on the line besides scouting for 2018. had some great performances from starters and from bench guys. kamara: 38.5 points fournette: 17.6 Duke: 19.5 Diggs: 17.7 Golladay: 16 Kittle: 14 Lockett: 21.3 Collins: 17.6 Barber: 16.9 De'angelo Henderson: 14.4 Tyrell: 15.7 Jags D: 22 Tyreek: DNP
  8. Alex Collins 2017 Season Outlook

    Another strong showing and a highlight reel TD. Sad that we won't get to watch him in the playoffs, but at least no risk of injury for us dynasty holders. Hell of a ride AC, just a handful of carries short of 1k with half a dozen TDs and 4.6ypc. Pretty good for a "scrub".
  9. De'Angelo Henderson 2017 Season Outlook

    Charles reportedly asking to be released. Of course he is, he knows Henderson is breathing down neck haha. That entire offensive backfield will be blown up this offseason. All starts with QB but when the dust settles booker and Henderson could be co-starting RBs the next couple years, maybe. Worth a dynasty flier but I guess this isn't really the purpose of a 2017 thread?
  10. Steal Of Your Draft And The Result

    Got Kamara in dynasty, paired with Fournette and Dalvin Cook. Also took Kamara in a 2 player keeper league draft in the 14th round, so I get him for 13th, 12th, and 11th round picks for the next three years.
  11. 2017 Champs! Post here

    The Jaggernaut 2017 Champ! 16 team dynasty league. PPR. 1qb, 2rb, 2wr, 1 rb/wr, 1te, D, K 9-4 with a couple very slim losses 1734 points, lead 15 of 15 teams by > 100 pts, 14 of 15 by >200, 9 of 15 by > 300, 4 of 15 by > 400. had 3 highest scoring weeks and 7 of top 15 highest scoring weeks (7 weeks over 148 points) I did a total teardown of my team from last year, effectively liquidating everything into draft picks and young running backs. best draft pick: Kamara best waiver pick up: Collins (week 2), but hopefully Keelan Cole (week 13) I was one of the people who lost on the play at end of KC vs Washington game https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2017/10/2/16407280/chiefs-washington-point-spread-2017 I ended up rematching against that guy round one of the playoffs and annihilated him in a payback game
  12. Dede Westbrook 2017 Season Outlook

    How do you guys see Dede's dynasty value relative to Keelan Cole?
  13. Derrick Henry 2017 Outlook

    2018 Prediction: Murray gone and Henry anointed starter! Until week 5 when he's permanently replaced by some guy they draft in the 5th round this spring.
  14. XMAS DAY GAMES- What Do you Need?

    Up 79 facing Ben and Alshon. 6 point passing TDs and PPR but I'm not sweating. For both to have 40 points would be insane. I'd say the odds of Ben scoring 40 is about 10% and Alshon about 5%, so 0.1 x .05=.005 or I have about a 99.5% chance of winning.
  15. you'll know how many points you'll need by kickoff. I'd hate to have to start Ajayi in the super bowl after this year he's had but if thats what you're feeling, go with your gut. decent chance he scores a TD this week. I think you're in good shape.