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  1. Kenneth Dixon 2019 Outlook

    i bet that playoff fumble will really help his cause
  2. Chargers at Ravens Wild Card game

    what is Jacksons fumble/TD ratio?
  3. Tyreek Hill 2019 Outlook

    whats with this guy starting 2019 threads? Chiefs and Tyreek are still in the playoffs. Keep it in the 2018 thread until the season is over. I feel like this is bad luck/ bad juju what ever.
  4. Leonard Fournette 2018 Outlook

    Just spitballing here but I could see these teams being interested in adding a power back like LF to their backfield: SF CHI NO TB ATL PHI NYJ BUF BAL HOU IND KC Raiders As a LF dynasty owner, i’d rank HOU, OAK, and BAL as his top landing spots, I think. Still a little early to make an informed opinion. Seems bad on the surface, but the Jags QB situation and blocking after half their OL got injured was atrocious. Getting Fournette onto a better offense may be a silver lining here. I could see him smashing taking handoffs from Watson or Jackson. The holes Dixon and Edwards were running through today were truly massive. this definitely adds intrigue to the offseason. Glad he’s my RB3/4 and I’m not really depending on him, but holding out hope getting out of JAX is a good thing.
  5. Baker Mayfield 2018 Outlook

    also, dont forget literally dropping balls from their hands as they are waltzing into the endzone (Calloway). Baker could/should have about 28 TDs already
  6. Baker Mayfield 2018 Outlook

    Browns have a lot of draft picks in 2019. 1st 2nd 2 3rds 4th 3 5ths 6th 6 7ths They should be able to use those 5ths and 7ths to move up here and there to take players they when dropping. Also hoping they upgrade OL, which is actually already pretty good, but can never have too many good linemen. Also need to upgrade WR. With a good draft and a s--- ton of FA money to play with, Browns are gonna be formidable next year. Love having Baker as my dynasty QB.
  7. Baker Mayfield 2018 Outlook

    Thank you Baker for the 31 fantasy points, got me the Ship. Hope all you guys went Baker over whoever your were debating and got an early christmas present. Super excited for Mayfield in 2019. Add 1 elite WR to that team and he will be scary good. And if Bruce Arians really does come out of retirement to coach the Browns... gonna be epic.
  8. Tyler Lockett 2018 Outlook

    Lots of Lockett hate in the first few pages of this thread, but he ended up WR14 in my league with 237 points. thats a WR1 in our 16 team league. he got about 25 of that off return yards (1 point per 20 ret yard scoring); even without those points hes still a top WR2 in straight PPR. they flashed a stat that Wilson has a perfect 158.3 passer rating when targeting Lockett OVER THE ENTIRE SEASON, never been done before. has a puncher's chance to hit 1000 yards and 10 TDs next week. He's still only 26 at the start of next season, and under contract (the one everyone was laughing about on page 1). Pretty valuable guy in dynasty.
  9. Championship Rosters

    Up 41 going into MNF with Lindsay yet to play, facing Sutton. CNN is calling the race. Back to back champion (its a dynasty league). Here's the championship winning lineup: Mayfield Kamara Cook Lindsay Hill Diggs Kittle Mia D Butker
  10. Championship Rosters

    16 team PPR dynasty league: Starting: Baker (or trubisky, not certain yet) Kamara Cook Lindsay Hill Diggs Kittle Miami D or Jags D (undecided) Butker Facing: Mullens DJ Carson Hopkins Sutton OBJ (likely ARob as injury replacement) Kelce Browns Bryant
  11. Leonard Fournette 2018 Outlook

    He’s on my bench too, starting Kamara, Cook and Lindsay and not having a second thought. Makes no sense he was benched the entire 2nd half minus 1 carry. Seems like they are tanking, not gonna get burned by that in the super bowl
  12. Phillip Lindsay 2018 Outlook

    Bounce back week incoming.
  13. Ingram or Jamal Williams - PPR Flex - WHIR!!!

    Williams for sure. He might get every single RB touch against the Jets. Jets D has been pretty stingy to opposing RB since getting smoked by Sony Michel week 12. Doesn't matter though, Ingram's floor is too low. gotta follow volume.
  14. Help me beat my boss! WHIR

    Gotta start Chubb, no brainer. Browns *should* have a nice lead by halftime at home and should get a lot of 2nd half work... theoretically. Of the other guys, gotta go with the hot hand in Amari, even if TB D has looked better as of late. Browns D at home vs Cincy, with the Chubb/Def correlation giving you a windfall of points in the case of a blowout. Packers @ NYJ might look attractive but the Jets offense looked pretty good against the texans.
  15. Defenses score quite a bit in my league. A premium is put on allowing 20 or less points (see below). Sacks, INTS, fumble recoveries etc. are as in any other league. Which defense do you choose in this battle of offensive juggernauts? The game is in MIami by the way. WHIR! 0-6 points allowed: 20 points 7-13 points allowed: 12 points 14-20 allowed: 10 points 21-27 allowed: 4 points 28+: 0 points