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  1. Hm, I thought he was in his final year of a deal, but now I see he has a player option next year, which I assume he will pick up. But I still think there are teams that could use him (like the Rockets).
  2. I own them both, it was all bread and butter until Huerter and Bembry got in the mix. I think they'll both be traded, Baze is too old with too got of a contract to be on a rebuilding team, and it looks like the Hawks like Huerter better than Prince so he'll be gone too.
  3. Thank god Cavs suck, he's been a garbage time stat monster!
  4. Well I'm in a 16-team league, not that many players to choose from on the wire, Oubre was never FA. Bridges will do just fine.
  5. I'm good as long as he gets me that 1/1/1.
  6. They have four home games in a row, so my guess is in one of those games. Probably and hopefully on Tuesday vs OKC because after that game they don't play until Saturday.
  7. He was a machine before the injury, averaging around 2 3PTM, a steal and a block, and you don't find many players who can do that. I'll stick to him and see how things pan out, but I'll also make him available because he's a good trade material, in real life and fantasy.
  8. I drafted him last season before the Melo trade and got burned, I drafted him again this year and dropped him then added him again, just so I could drop him once he fell out of the rotation at one point. I'm not touching this guy again unless I'm 100% sure he'll get consistant PT, but man that frontcourt is crouded.
  9. I own Harrell, Ingles and Middleton, I don't know which one of them is in a bigger slump for the past two weeks. Gallo playing center was really something no one could predict, especially because the Clippers had a winning formula before that move. I think Doc will realize that soon and go back to what was working before. If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it!
  10. I hope he snaps out of the slump soon. I already have Ingles and Harrell slumping, it has been a rough couple of weeks for my fantasy team.
  11. Prince went down with an ankle injury and should miss a week or two, Baze will get more opportunity, which might be a good time to try and sell high.
  12. Traded Blake Griffin for Jaren Jackson Jr. and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander few weeks ago, it was a gamble but for now its paying off. I was weak in blocks and FT%, those guys fixed it for me.