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  1. I am borderline so close to dropping him. It's so hard to play him when he is healthy, due to his crazy high injury risk. It's a huge gamble every single time.
  2. Down by 18 in full PPR. I still have 49ers D and Tevin Coleman. I also have Breida on my bench. Who gives me a better chance at winning, Coleman or Breida?
  3. Not looking to promising this week. As much as I need him, I hope he just takes the week off and is back to 100% next week.
  4. Agree that the TE position is such trash, but Zach Ertz isn’t what he once was. They are involving the other TE so much more now, plus lots of other receiving options. Of course, you can start him easily but I don’t think he’s an auto start anymore. More of a matchup type.
  5. Ertz is no longer an autostart. After watching the game last night, it left me wondering. Are they planning on trading Ertz or something? It’s clear they are involving Dallas more and more, and Ertz is becoming much less of a factor. What are your thoughts? For now, Ertz will stay on my bench unless something changes.
  6. Are you guys at all worried that the Jaguars are just gonna feed Leonard like crazy since the Bengals suck against the rain (and barely pass the ball)? Or am I just overthinking this? I know I shouldn't hesitate starting Chark but I am worried that they aren't going to be passing it much
  7. What are you all doing with Tyrell? Can't seem to find a timeline for this injury, but it doesn't sound like it's just a 1 to 2 week type of injury
  8. I own Singletary and have high hopes for him, but is everyone forgetting about Gore? That dude ruins backfields.
  9. I regretted drafting Ertz the second I drafted him. As long as Alshon is healthy, Ertz's upside is extremely limited. [...]
  10. Just got my lotto ticket. We will see how it pans out, but judging from that quote from the coach, it doesn't look promising for Gurley. Then again, McVay is always full of BS
  11. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if Baldwin continues to take a backseat to Moore ROS. The kid is doing great things with his limited opportunities!