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  1. Sorry, MGB owner just reappeared, they’re off the list...second choice?
  2. It's yours, will send league invite email shortly. Welcome to the league, glad to have you on board.
  3. OK three remaining teams below, first come first served. MGB notable names - Lillard, Love, Howard, Wiggins Pestana notable names - Lowry, Conley, Horford, Aldridge Mantysa notable names - Wall, DeRozan, Harris, Warren, Kanter Just post below with team wanted and i'll transfer ownership.
  4. Hi, just waiting on Mike above to choose his team then i'll post with the two remaining for you to pick from.
  5. Ok sending available teams to you guys in order of response, so check messages/emails. Two more teams available if anybody else active wants in?
  6. All taken, I have a possible vacancy coming a 20 team league if you’re interested, see other thread. just need to check lineup setting after this weekend.
  7. Only if somebody above doesn’t take up their team, will let you know if that’s the case.
  8. Some of the names available for draft are are Giannis, Steph, LeBron, KAT and Kawai so a good starting point for each team.
  9. Hi, We had our league deleted by the original owner and because the rest of us really wanted to continue we have recreated the league with original rosters for those returning, we do however have three team vacancies and the plan is for the three new owners to offline draft from the players returned into the FA pool from the original three teams, so a chance to build your own identity from the get go. The league is super active and we have a very active chat group on GroupMe, so anybody of a similar mindset would be very welcome. Please email or message below if interested.
  10. Hi, Will definitely keep you in mind, potentially 2 more inactive owners to weed out.