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  1. Stills is also a very good Slot receiver. So at the moment Coutee is WR4 on the Texans.
  2. I have to decide between John Brown, Doug Baldwin and Sammy Watkins. Can start two in a standard league. What do you think? I am not sure if i really can trust Baldwin yet and London games are always special...
  3. A good matchup today. I might give him a second chance and start him.
  4. Ajayi was out as well for part of the game. The question is do you start him over for example Gio, Miller, Lynch, Breida, etc. if Ajayi is out?
  5. Henry with this oline probably a risky play, think will be a lewis game. Morris if the lions are as bad as last week the safest floor with potential. Marshall could be ok, but wilson will run for his live Watkins highest ceiling but also lowest floor.
  6. With Gordon out, who should I start on my flex out of Shepard, Burton and Watkins? Thx
  7. Sure but I also think Darnold will throw the ball more than 21 times in most of the games.
  8. He has still a DE designation in our league. So two out of clowney, hicks, mack or Clayborn in week 1...
  9. Do you start mack after only one week practice with the team?
  10. Was a tough matchup, think he will be better next time.
  11. I think your WRs are good so i would use your 1.07 for one of the rookie rbs.
  12. Yes, but who will replace him? I don't think they will find a better option.