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  1. who to drop for Lonzo

    Toss up between Anderson and Thad. If you can wait for Dunn then do so. I don't think Lonzo and LBJ are going to work out...I wouldn't be surprised if the Lakers end up moving on from Lonzo sooner then later.
  2. Curry trade help. Whir.

    I do not think this trade will hurt you. Go for it
  3. Trade help WHIR

    Yeah I agree he is a shutdown candidate. My logic behind getting him is Tristan Thompson was being used as my waiver wire spot. I haven't even had a real chance to see Dunn yet even though I think he will do pretty good when he is healthy. So if Love doesn't play this year it won't be a huge loss for me. And I still am getting Murray out of the deal who I believe is gonna breakout soon. Thanks for your help
  4. I would do that if I was you. Gobert is as elite as it gets in the block department. You may have to worry about consistency in Richardson but he still produces well.
  5. Jamal Murray or Buddy Hield ROS? WHIR

    Bold move but shoot your shot for Kyrie or Lowry
  6. I am probably going to do the same after his game today...or I may try to package him and send him off.
  7. Jamal Murray or Buddy Hield ROS? WHIR

    Hold Murray my man. I would dare say trade Brogdon with either Otto 9((as I do not think the Wizards situation is gonna end up good for him) or Hield (Bogdan is gonna cut into his production.
  8. Trade help WHIR

    Yeaahh, I have been wondering the same thing about Bogdan. He is gonna have good production soon. The only reason I don't have him yet is because I am kinda deep as Shai and JJJ are my weakest links. I am sitting pretty good and do not need wins now. If I win this week.
  9. SGA, Gay, or Oubre ros? Whir

    I am going for SGA as I think that a team that has made adjustments to the starting line up to get him more time is a sign that they are giving him a chance. Even after Bradley came back they kept SGA in the starting line up. That shows a lot to me. On the contrary, IF the wizards do start unloading players Oubre could have a better ROS then SGA. My thought with Rudy is if the spurs fall out of contention then there is a chance that Rudy will be rested, well even if the spurs dont fall out of contention Rudy can be rested because this is the Spurs we are talking about.
  10. I would hold Lowry too. I would however trade him later in the year for a bit more.
  11. Too much for him???

    Most I would do is Booker and Trae Young
  12. Trade help WHIR

    It may be a bit of a long shot but looking to trade my Tristan Thompson, Dunn and either Jaren Jackson Jr or Shai for Kevin Love, Murray and Dario. I may drop Dario for Bogdan Boogdanovic as I anticipate good production from him soon 10 team H2H points league ESPN
  13. Dipo and Capela for KAT?

    Sorry for your misinterpretation of both of my statements. "Hasn't looked good" and stats are two different things. Hasn't looked good was referring to conditioning and health signs..for example he hasn't looked healthy. "Has a history to regress later in the year" is referring to his numbers declining later in the year not referring to a particular year. Thanks for your input though.
  14. Dipo and Capela for KAT?

    I understand your reasoning for doing this. Capela has not looked good this year and KAT is clearly going to keep improving as the year progresses. Oladipo has a history of decreasing drastically later in the year. I would do this trade now while you still can get KAT.
  15. Do i make this trade? WHIR

    I think I would do this. Even though McGee and Trae will likely not keep their production up this entire year. TH Jr will probably be injured some point and time and Ibaka is not consistent enough.