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  1. Rudy Gobert 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    I think he came back too quickly from the first injury..I am sure they will be cautious of him when he comes back. I am REALLY liking the idea of Mirotic being traded for Favors.
  2. I am surprised so many want to hold Turner still. For me I would do it...Lyles is going to have a drop in value when Milsap returns. Aaron Gordon is going to continue this all year.
  3. Dude, you won. The ref is ringing the bell calling for you to break the submission hold.
  4. My PG13 for Kawhi 1on1. WHIR!

    You made a good move and gave me the courage to put this offer for Kawhi out there myself :-)
  5. Making moves. Quickest WHIR

    I think Kevin Love(due to IT coming back), Biyombo(short term value) are you most expendable pieces to be traded.
  6. One of those trades that the owners are making a questionable move, but doesn't deserve to be veto
  7. i would go with the cp3 and gasol side...not by much though.
  8. Considering Trading Lebron 100% WHIR

    Run with LBJ and Harris for Jokic and PG13
  9. Ben Simmons is ranked 10th in the league that I am by points and Dame is ranked 17th but was 9th before injury. I am anticipating Ben Simmons hitting a rookie wall, and I like the trade value that Zing has I know I can get someone decent for him. Which side wins?
  10. Who's the better stash? WHIR 100%

    Run with Fultz for now.
  11. PG13 trade WHIR

  12. PG13 for Jokic

    There is a good chance I am about to acquire PG13. I know the owner of Jokic will take him in a heartbeat. Thoughts on this deal?
  13. Huge Towns deal

    If you are in a position to wait for Vu I do not think that trade is bad.