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  1. They still haven’t credited him a three pointer and a rebound. Anyone else notice this or am I going crazy?
  2. No. They usually aren’t worth reading at all.. I just thought this one was exceptionally bad.
  3. His blurb on Yahoo suggests they might cut into his minutes because he’s a vet? Isn’t this his 3rd year in the league?
  4. Shabazz napier was out, so stotts played with the rotation.
  5. I think they’re just trying to stifle expectations that he’ll be back before the ASB. It’s not a lower leg injury or anything. If he’s practicing, theoretically, he should be close.
  6. Thanks tongs! Unfortunately, it looks like I’ll have to wait until I can get on a computer to do it.
  7. I would 100% accept this trade. Lillard and butler are both boarderline first round picks, and I don’t like what will potentially happen when Tyreke is traded, whereas markkanen is only going to have a bigger role as the season progresses.
  8. Doesnt change the fact that he was top 20 during that time period as outlined earlier. Nobody said he’s going to be top-20 for the rest of season. But for real, you should let it go. Is there a way to mute users on this site?