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  1. Zach LaVine!!!

    He’s not a bust at all.. I just don’t know how long it’s going to be until he’s playing meaningful minutes. That’s the only real concern with him.
  2. G. Harris for BroLo?

    Seems perfectly fair to me. When you compare them side by side, they’re pretty similar. If the player wants blocks and rebounds, it would make sense for him.
  3. My Oladipo for Draymond (WHIR)

    I would get green. You have plenty of guards that will get you threes and steals, but dray will get you more blocks and help across the board a tiny bit more.
  4. Accept this offer? Whir

    Seems fair enough, but embiid side wins.
  5. Curry trade help! Whir

    If you can get curry for that, I would do it. But you will lose assists with that roster. There’s usually assists on the waiver wire though, so yeah. I’d get curry.
  6. Straight up trade help

    I would get batum. But I generally punt fg%, so that may sway my decision. You’ll get more assists and scoring outbursts with batum, but more consistency with Carroll.
  7. 2017-2018 Buy Low / Sell High Thread

    Nurkic has been battling a flu for the last 4 games. He *should* be able to turn it around.
  8. Shabazz Napier 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Depends on what you’re looking for. Stotts is super big on matchups, so if they play a long team like the bucks, Shabazz probably won’t play much. But he’s earned his minutes and I’d say he sticks around 20min per game. Some games he’ll play close to 30, some games closer to 10. He looks to be quite the pest on defense, too. So I would assume his steal rate will stay. Also, if there’s an injury to lillard or McCollum, he will be awesome. I remember last year when they sat lillard the last couple games, Shabazz was putting up 25+ point games.
  9. Drop Chriss for Tyson Chandler? WHIR!

    If it makes sense for your team, do it. I dropped Chriss a while back, and haven’t really missed him. The upside is there, but he looks like he dgaf on the court.
  10. Conley for melo

    I’d do that in a heartbeat. Conley’s value will only go up from here.
  11. Rubio FAAB - how much?

    I’d spend $50 on Rubio. You’re probably not gonna get a player like him on the wire. I’d be alright spending all of it, honestly.
  12. Paul george for towns

    I’d get towns in a heartbeat for George
  13. Lbj for embiid and draymond

    Embiid and draymond for sure. But I guess it would depend on who you’re dropping.
  14. Thoughts on my current team WHIR

    Team looks great. I would be very happy with your trade for Covington.