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  1. LMAOO AT THE “ELI ISNT GETTING BENCHED ITS THE D’S FAULT” I’m a giants fan and I will always love Eli for what he’s done for this organization. But the fact of the matter is, he stinks now. I don’t want to hear about WR’s and weapons. He had OBJ, Shep, Engram, and Barkley last season. What did they do then? I don’t care if the line stunk then. It’s good now. He doesn’t elevate his team anymore. He needs absolutely perfect situations to be even decent. He doesn’t throw the ball past the sticks. Like ever. There was absolutely no point in continuing to play him, letting his career record drop below .500, and turning into more of an embarrassment. Let the kid play. Open up the offense. Take some shots. This immeasurably helps Saquon.
  2. Can't get worse than Eli at this point. Worst starting QB in football in 2019. At least Jones would provide a run threat and maybe they can run some RPOs.
  3. Agreed. That being said, I don't think Eli will be starting all season if this game was any indication for how the Giants are going to be this year.
  4. Ben has to get those garbage time yards
  5. I mean, he had Eli and the same coach last year when he was the best RB in football. Weird week with only 11 carries. He'll be right in the running for RB1 all year.
  6. Eli didn't do him any favors on a lot of his targets. Not worried at all. This is his floor.
  7. Still probably giving up my 2nd round pick for him as my keeper
  8. Have to scroll to read posts on the forum on my mac now. Incredibly annoying
  9. Very high chance Conley gets shutdown. I'd take the chance on him
  10. CSB I know, but Kawhi and Middleton for Jokic and Elfrid Payton
  11. Lol just traded for this beast and of course he's out the first game. Oh well, excited to deploy him ROS
  12. Holy hell this Seattle offense is a nightmare to watch
  13. Interesting. Catches being way down is not suprising, but I did not expect his YPC to actually be up
  14. Definitely true. His YPC was way down towards the end, a product of teams stacking and forcing the Giants to pass to beat them.