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  1. Still probably giving up my 2nd round pick for him as my keeper
  2. Have to scroll to read posts on the forum on my mac now. Incredibly annoying
  3. Very high chance Conley gets shutdown. I'd take the chance on him
  4. CSB I know, but Kawhi and Middleton for Jokic and Elfrid Payton
  5. Lol just traded for this beast and of course he's out the first game. Oh well, excited to deploy him ROS
  6. Holy hell this Seattle offense is a nightmare to watch
  7. Interesting. Catches being way down is not suprising, but I did not expect his YPC to actually be up
  8. Definitely true. His YPC was way down towards the end, a product of teams stacking and forcing the Giants to pass to beat them.
  9. Honestly, his reception total went down in the second half of the season. I think this was partly due to the negative criticism Eli got for dumping off too much. I think with either a new QB or better offense, the catches will hover around 70-80 with more opportunities for longer receptions, leading to overall similar production. Also, the O-Line should be a point of improvement this offseason, meaning that his running lanes might even be better.
  10. This thread is stupid. I got him at 12 in my 14 team league and I've been ecstatic to get a superstar that late in the draft. And now that the B2B saga is close to ending, it can only get better.
  11. Generations lol. Does ESPN think I’m gonna be talking to my grandkids about the time Jaylen Samuels scores 15 in the finals for me?
  12. I always understood the wait to draft QB argument, but I rarely would subscribe. This year though I made a point to wait to draft QBs, Defense, and kicker. Got Big Ben in the 10th (Mahomes was actually the pick before), got the Chicago Bears off waivers and Lutz with my last pick. Worked out beautifully on all accounts. Point is, I'm waiting to draft quarterbacks and loading up on skill players from now on. Not gonna draft Mahomes or the Bears early next year either.
  13. He had been a WR1 the last few years and I didn’t realize how bad that offense would look, but yeah definitely a bad pick. Thankfully I still won the championship in that league with Larry giving me absolutely nothing.
  14. Just looked back at my draft recap. I picked Larry Fitzgerald in the 3rd round. In the next few picks after that, Tyreek Hill, Adam Thielen, and JuJu were all taken. Far and away my worst pick. Thankfully it did not ending up biting me in the back, but man, I could've had a dominant team with any of those 3 instead.