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  1. I was eliminated in the semis so IDC anymore, but man, I'd be sick if I was in the finals and George was doing this again. What a frustrating injury year for so many players
  2. Lost because I had to sell out for stats because of injuries to KD, Bledsoe, Millsap, and Jabari. Lost 5-4-1 and FG% .465 to .462. I hate fantasy basketball.
  3. Double doubles (the dumbest category of all time) is tied in my semi-final matchup and will decide the winner. Ulis got 9 assists. Ilyasova is gonna finish with 9 points. I hate fantasy
  4. Can we avoid personal attacks on the Tyler Ulis season outlook page? I'd rather discuss the actual player then petty nonsense between individuals
  5. Sick of Chris Paul this season tbh, worst first round pick of the year
  6. This guy has been destroying me all round. Really need him to miss tonight lol
  7. Agreed, it seems like the Jazz as a whole have a tendency to micromanage injuries, and not give much information in their media reports
  8. Watching this guy always makes me sad because it reminds me how much better Bledsoe is
  9. Back to back double-doubles. Just streamed him the other day, but so clutch for my league where DD's are a category lol
  10. I like his game a lot too. He's a tough guy that does all the little things well (besides FT shooting). But Russ and Gibson have killed his value all season. Wish he could go play somewhere else. He could honestly be a better version of Capela if he had Harden instead of Russ, but oh well
  11. Thank god I decided to drop. I knew it was risky, but there was 0 chance of me making the finals without streaming his spot
  12. I'm probably going to drop him soon. His FT% shooting destroyed me yesterday and he's not providing enough to warrant it anymore
  13. Garbage player
  14. This dude has a hideous looking game
  15. He decides to be a 3 point marksman when I'm struggling to hold onto the 3PM category which will probably decide my matchup. Screw this bum