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  1. First of many for Engram. Congrats to everyone who picked him up before the blow-up
  2. Robinson is holding Vernon literally every play lol
  3. Umm, he was younger, in his prime, had receivers that got separation, had an offensive line that could at least be mediocre, and played incredible in the playoffs
  4. Dude has the ability to go from -1 to 17 points while I'm in the bathroom. Don't care if it's garbage time or whatever. It's a luxury.
  5. Amari Cooper 2017 Season Outlook

    Sorry, maybe a poor choice of words. Just meant that the Jets used the clock A LOT.
  6. Amari Cooper 2017 Season Outlook

    Guys, he had 4 RZ targets LAST WEEK. He was inches away from coming down with another TD tonight if not interfered with. His outlook is very high ROS. It was a slow game, where the Jets milked the clock a lot.
  7. I have 0 incentive to pick him up. He plays a stout KC defense the only week Rodgers has a bye (aka, the only week anyone not named Aaron Rodgers is starting for me, barring injury) and I would have to give up my 3rd waiver spot to do so
  8. He's played well 2 weeks and will be picked up for the rest of this season after this week. Then what?
  9. The 3 best QB's left in my 12 team, 1 QB league are Kizer, Siemian, and Mike Glennon, so I"m 1000% against this strategy
  10. Chris Carson 2017 Season Outlook

    Personally, no. I'd like to see at minimum one more game of limited Rawls action before throwing him in. I'm probably not starting him until I absolutely have no other realistic option, just because of the Seattle offense and threat of committee
  11. SNF/MNF- What'd you need?

    Just need Aaron Rodgers and Matt Bryant to not get me negative four points
  12. Chris Carson 2017 Season Outlook

    Man, I don't watch Seattle actually play enough definitively to say who looks better, but it seems like Rawls is either always hurt or coming back from being hurt. I can't imagine holding Rawls over him right now
  13. Chris Carson 2017 Season Outlook

    Picked him up before the week, hoped to see something tonight. Oh boy did we see something.
  14. Stefon Diggs 2017 Outlook

    Riding with him with half PPR. Hoping for 8-10 targets
  15. John Brown 2017 Season Outlook

    IR eligible on ESPN so that's where he's going for me for the time being