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  1. LMAO. Im so glad my team is well rounded. But this performance truly was drop worthy.
  2. And I wish he sat out... 1/9 FTs 9 TO's Horrible FG In the semis. Clearly going to lose FT and TO's now. Like bruh... Thanks for costing me 2 categories.
  3. How do we get him off the dnd list? With 2 games next week i need to drop him
  4. Good luck. I think his trade value is barely top 50 playerish. Capela can return top 30 easy. I made a mistake and traded to get him 10 days ago... Took a gamble. Gave up Trae Young and Tobias Harris... Regret is real...
  5. Notsureifsrs... Id be ecstatic if he averaged 25/7/7, but even thats unlikely. Those are elite elite numbers.
  6. Someone in my league sold him for Capela after the first month...
  7. I feel terrible. I traded for him 10 days ago... Gave up Tobias and Trae... Ugh. At this point, id take Tobias back straight up.
  8. I traded tobias and trae young last Friday to get AD...
  9. 39 dollars. Auction draft. Not 39th. So he went a little lower than true value which I believe was 44 or so.