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  1. I was on 2nd place cruise control heading towards end of season, now I take a matter how you justify it, it plain sucks,!! Also, sucks 1st place team has Harrell!! Damn, weird trade!!
  2. Exactly!! Love RW, only cat I'm punting as a team is FG%, all other cats I'm 1st or 2nd with exception of FT (5th)..Best Record in the league!! You can draft accordingly and have good results, with a little luck also..I'm also in a 9-cat DD league instead of TO..But you can't beat elite assist, rebounds, steals, DD and 20 pts a game from a point guard!! GOLDEN!!
  3. Not sure how your starter and leading the scorer on the team doesn't play a single minute in either OT!! I see players go 3-15 and still playing all the time..7-18 isn't really a horrible night no to warrant a complete shut down end of the game and both OTs...
  4. Its clear the coach just doesn't like this guy...Not a single minute in any of the OT's, it's sad...
  5. Elite Reb, Assist and Steals to go with 20 pts a game is golden to me!! I'm also in a DD 9-Cat, so he's even more golden!!! All my bigs can shoot FTs well, so I always have a chance on FT cat, right now, I'm still at .797, even with Russ FT struggles!! Love this guy, he's a beast!!
  6. Minutes continue to drop, I just don't get it..Hes too good!! Hate players who come off the bench!!
  7. Same elbow..? Doesn't sound good, even If they let him back in:
  8. Floppers are everywhere, it's not just Harden, it's EVERYWHERE...Hate it!!
  9. My god what a stat line!! He gives you Magic's PTS, Rodman RBS. and Stockon asst and stl..what more can you ask for..?
  10. Bazegod, no more..Dunn is coming back soon, perfect time for me to drop this bum...
  11. Only if you like guys that fill up a stat sheet!!
  12. Cute players are always a hold, especially the cutest of them all!!