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  1. Owning AB this year should be a privilege, you are part of history!!...No way am I trading him!!
  2. Antonio Brown Don't care what happens, owning him this fantasy season is a privilege..Feels like I'm part of history!!! I'm honestly not complaining!!!
  3. Where would you rank RW is a 9-Cat HTH with DD instead of TO's..?
  4. Is he hurt, he didn't start in the 3rd quarter..?
  5. I was on 2nd place cruise control heading towards end of season, now I take a matter how you justify it, it plain sucks,!! Also, sucks 1st place team has Harrell!! Damn, weird trade!!
  6. Exactly!! Love RW, only cat I'm punting as a team is FG%, all other cats I'm 1st or 2nd with exception of FT (5th)..Best Record in the league!! You can draft accordingly and have good results, with a little luck also..I'm also in a 9-cat DD league instead of TO..But you can't beat elite assist, rebounds, steals, DD and 20 pts a game from a point guard!! GOLDEN!!
  7. Not sure how your starter and leading the scorer on the team doesn't play a single minute in either OT!! I see players go 3-15 and still playing all the time..7-18 isn't really a horrible night no to warrant a complete shut down end of the game and both OTs...
  8. Its clear the coach just doesn't like this guy...Not a single minute in any of the OT's, it's sad...
  9. Elite Reb, Assist and Steals to go with 20 pts a game is golden to me!! I'm also in a DD 9-Cat, so he's even more golden!!! All my bigs can shoot FTs well, so I always have a chance on FT cat, right now, I'm still at .797, even with Russ FT struggles!! Love this guy, he's a beast!!
  10. Minutes continue to drop, I just don't get it..Hes too good!! Hate players who come off the bench!!
  11. Same elbow..? Doesn't sound good, even If they let him back in:
  12. Floppers are everywhere, it's not just Harden, it's EVERYWHERE...Hate it!!