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  1. I'd hang my hat on Acuna > Robles at this point. Everything about his play screams superstar to me.
  2. You know, in some regards you are right. My phrasing of "the first thing they think of" is a very, very strong phrase. That likely goes to 3 strikes your out, home run, their local team. But in terms of who the average American know I stand very firm behind the idea that more people in America know Tebow in comparison to any other name in baseball. Tebow in the minors is the biggest story in the MLB and likely will remain it all year. Heck my mother mentioned it to me and she doesn't follow baseball in the slightest. My points with the poll was only trying to communicate that baseball is in a terrible place in terms of individual player branding and Tebow is a very strong brand. I didn't feel like I communicated anything that would be insulting other than the people I run into don't know baseball and know a lot about football. College Football really does dominate the south. Didn't mean for it to be fiesty. I really hate that Mike Trout isn't a household name across America. I haven't yet fully formed my opinion on if Tebow in the MLB would be good or bad for baseball.
  3. My top 250 hasn't been released yet but I have him at preseason number 18. I think he has a chance at being top 5 by the end of the year and depending on who gets called up he could be top 3.
  4. I think you would be surprised. In the latest ESPN World Fame ranking a baseball player wasn't listed until into the 70s.Granted Tebow didn't make this list popularity of College Football is a lot higher here in America than worldwide. If you are from a northern state than your viewpoint of baseball likely leads it to believe it is far more popular than it likely is in the rest of America. In February 2016 Fox did a poll on who people's favorite QB was in the NFL and Tim Tebow finished 5th. Higher than Russell Wilson, Eli, Big Ben, and Drew Brees. Considering Brees and Wilson finished Top 50 in that ESPN World Fame poll I don't think it is farfetched at all to think Tebow's American presence is far more known than you may believe it to be. Given the fact Tebow wasn't even a starting quarterback at that time it says a lot about how known he is to someone who isn't even watching sports. Also given how valuable we believe baseball is to the rest of the world it is really hard to see Harper and Trout fall into the 70s in such a poll. Just my two cents though. I know the areas I travel to for work know very little about MLB in comparison to football in general which is mainly Virginia to Florida.
  5. I just need people to address the fact that Tebow is the face most recognized in baseball and likely the first thing the average American thinks of when they hear baseball. I wish the conversation was less about why we are talking about him and more about why won't they talk about anyone else? The player marketing in the MLB is atrocious.
  6. I love Max Fried. I am not ready to put him in the upper echelon of prospects, but he and James Kaperalian should jump the farthest up every ranking in 2017. The velocity is dominate for a lefty, but I fear the mechanics (that I saw at least) have a higher chance of repeating injuries. Would love for him to clean it up even if it resulted in 1-2 MPH loss. Currently, I have him ranked as the top pitching prospect for the Braves and #4 overall. Which is kinda crazy as I left him out of my Top 250 in September but the numbers and stuff don't lie.