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  1. JuJu Smith-Schuster 2018 Season Outlook

    I think you're forgetting about Mason Rudolph? No idea if he's going to be any good or not, but clearly the steelers like him. Also, I think Landry Jones is an above average backup, not starting caliber talent obviously, but it doesn't necessarily make the playmakers null and void with him at the helm.
  2. Targets in Rounds 4-7

    The patriots have sort of had the same game plan the last 2-3 years with running backs. Get a solid group of them, let them battle it out weeks 1-5, then ride the hottest hand the rest of the season while keeping 2 others moderately involved. I don't see that game plan changing this year, and I'd say it's a 65/35 chance between Michel or Burkhead, with Michel having the edge in talent, but Burkhead having the edge in being a guy that BB already trusts, and lack of fumbles (0 last year). Also, it's worth noting that out of the 10 regular season games he played last year, Burkhead had a sub 4ypc in 7 of those games, and sub 3.2 ypc in 4 of those. He generally doesn't lose yardage, but he rarely breaks off for big plays either. I don't think this will factor in for any decisions this year, but aside from being efficient at the goal line, he wasn't anything to write home about last year. Clearly they aren't overly confident in him as a bellcow type since they used a 1st round pick on a running back for the first time since 2006, just after signing Burkhead to a 3 year deal. I think they'll bring Michel along slowly to start, but it will be a story like Lewis last year where by the halfway point of the season he's in the low end rb1/high end rb2 category. Lastly, it's worth noting that Michel has been toted as excellent in blitz pickup, something that BB considers almost just as important as not fumbling, so I think that was a big factor in drafting him in the first place. I probably won't draft either of them, because you won't be able to confidently start either til around halfway through the season depending on how things shape up. A Pats player that I'll be targeting in late rounds is Jordan Matthews, and I'm not sure why he's not getting more hype. This is a guy that in his first three years posted 800+ yards every year (just shy of 1,000 his sophomore year) with Sammy Sleeves, Mark Sanchez, and Nick Foles as his qb. Just a slight upgrade with Brady behind center. He's only 25 years old, and runs mostly out of the slot where Brady loves to target players heavily. With Amendola gone, and Edelman coming off surgery at 32 years old, I do not understand the lack of potential sleeper hype around him. There's also a chance he gets cut in training camp, since this is the patriots after all, but I plan on throwing a flyer on him for sure. Just 2 cents from a pats fan that follows them pretty closely.
  3. Hauschka or Elliott? WHIR!

    Eliot, cant trust the bills offense to do anything right now
  4. Amari Cooper vs DEN Paul Richardson at SF Cooper has been better lately, but still not great and has a tough matchup. Paul Richardson has cooled off a bit lately but was involved last week, and has a much nicer matchup. Also, I'm in a must win scenario this week and my opponent has Russell Wilson.
  5. Chris Hogan 2017 Season Outlook

    Pats are almost locked in to win the division and are firing on all cylinders as of late, at this point I think they're letting Hogan take his time so that he's good to go for the (real) playoffs. Might not work out too well for us on the fantasy side. I don't think Mitchell being back would hurt his volume, that just means Dorsett rides the pine the rest of the way.
  6. I think I'd actually go Cutler this week against one of the worst defenses in the NFL, I don't like Manning up against KC coming off the bye. That Giants team is toxic right now.
  7. Trade for Funchess? - WHIR

    I think I'd do it. I have Cooper and I know your pain. That and with Curtis Samuel out the rest of the year and Kelvin Benjamin gone, Funchess should get more looks in general.
  8. As a former Rodgers owner, I've been getting by streaming QB's and managed to grab Stafford who I've been riding with success lately. I had Winston as my backup, but that obviously didn't work out well. I'm close to out of money on my waiver wire pickups, so potentially looking for someone to take Staffords place if he gets in a slump or has a real bad matchup. Here are the options: Ben Roethlisberger vs. TEN, GB, CIN, BAL, NE, HOU Andy Dalton vs. DEN, CLE, PIT, CHI, MIN DET Bortles vs. CLE, ARI, IND, SEA, HOU, SF J Brissett vs. BYE, TEN, JAX, DEN, BAL Also, here's Staffords schedule: CHI, MIN, BAL, TB, CHI, CIN. All tougher matchups aside from TB. What's my best option? If Stafford keeps producing I'll obviously ride him out, but with those matchups I'd assume some duds. Should I hold onto Winston and hope he comes back healthy? He has an easier schedule than Stafford for sure. Right now I'm thinking Big Ben, but mostly due to lack of better options.
  9. Amari Cooper 2017 Season Outlook

    The patriots weren't giving up a ton of points and yardage in their first few games due to lack of skill or talent, it was miscommunication, blown reads, people being out of position. Gilmore is new to the system and the Pats lost safety Logan Ryan to free agency, so it seems like it was more growing pains than anything else. They're getting comfortable with the system now and have shown vast improvement, but they're still not an amazing defense and have some holes. Like others said, I think a lot of this game will depend on how Carr plays. Patriots haven't been big on putting pressure on the QB, so he shouldn't be hurried up too much.
  10. Chris Hogan 2017 Season Outlook

    The original poster literally said that Brady would increase Hogans targets to pad his box score because they're playing the bills, so I explained that's not happening. I understand that it's a phrase, thats not lost on me.
  11. Definitely wouldn't mind if this turned into an Ingram/Kamara situation, if only both players were more talented..
  12. You can kinda play that sample game both ways though. Two out of the last three weeks McKinnon has had less than 60 total yards, and is averaging less than 3.5 ypc, While Murray is averaging 4+ ypc and touches are trending towards Murray's favor. Not saying you're wrong, I'd still rather start McKinnon over Murray, but it's easy to make a point when you can cherry pick your sample size, and to me the most recent trends are the most important.
  13. Playoff trade advice....WHIR

    Both trades work out pretty well for you I'd say. But for fair warning, the Steelers usually don't do very well against the Pats, nice matchup on paper but may not work out too much better than Gurley vs SEA.
  14. I'd say it's pretty fair, and I'd do the deal if it works for you. You've got a lot of mid level rb talent and could use more high end potential.