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  1. Yep I'm good for that day and time. I'll PM my yahoo detail
  2. Drafted Bell last season and kept him so far. Is it time to get rid? I'm in a start 6 with 7 player bench
  3. I am in a ESPN Dynasty comp that only lets you play 6 players, 9 H2H. Too often I'm having to bench Warren or Collins. Any trade advise? I was thinking Durant to LeVine and Capella which would help long term. Team is PG Conley, Lin, Mudiay, Holiday SG Middleton, Dotson SF Durant, Warren (IL) PF Harris, Collins C Zeller, Bell, Muscala
  4. Doing a last minute add with Chris Paul in doubt. Should I pickup Trier or play Burke?
  5. Hard to say with the Knicks rotation. But if your waiver has other good adds then worth a punt
  6. That's for the feedback 😀 Just need to get through the veto period now
  7. Dipo easy, only reason for Beal is if you think Dipo will be injured.
  8. My trade offer to get Kemba for DeRozan just got accepted. Who wins in the end? 8 cat h2h comp, I've been trying to boost the 3s in my team
  9. Dipo side probably wins but if he keeps picking up injuries then that kills it. Also you get elite steals and blocks
  10. There are guys like Moore, Ross, Ariza, K Anderson
  11. I'm looking to improve my 3pt plus could do with another PF. Should I offer a straight swap for Tobias? I'm in 10 team 8 cat h2h WHIR if you need it