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  1. Trade help. Whir

    Feels like you are giving away a bit too much in that trade
  2. Trying to figure out if Derick White is worth grabbing into here. 8 cat H2H comp. Just got Warren into the side PG: RWB, Murray, Teague SG: Dipo, Derozan, Hayward SF: Middleton, Warren, Covington PF: Aldridge C: Ayton, Horford, McGee
  3. Try just Dipo and Murray, probably not enough but worth a try. Else Dipo and Lowry
  4. Definitely too much maybe without J Rich. Or try Murray
  5. Looking at dropping Hart in 8 cat h2h. My fg% been killed by Teague so that's punted this week. Could do with more 3s and rebounds.
  6. Josh Hart 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    What we making of his last 2 games. Stats have dipped.
  7. How to get embiid? Whir

    See if you can low ball, but if you really want him then the above might be required
  8. Drop Kyle Anderson for Bjelica?

    I'd go Forbes, more consistent stats
  9. Brynn Forbes or Payne?? WHIR!

    Forbes for me as well
  10. That line today is too hard to ignore but who do I drop to get him in? Isaac, Matthews, or even Hayward? 8 cat h2h comp
  11. Definitely go for it. In one of my comps Morris and Ariza are actually in free agent pool
  12. Looks like LBJ won't have the same value this year so worth doing
  13. Accept this? Whir

    Kyrie side easy. However the 1 for 1 trade worth a go
  14. In a 8 cat h2h, which one should I pickup?
  15. Elite blocking from the wavier plus boards. Hope he keeps it up