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  1. Any insights on how Keston will finish the second half of the season? He seems to be swinging a hot bat...
  2. Well, whichever SP you ship out (i.e. Ryu or German), you would be upgrading with Buehler on a pedigree perspective. I do understand however how others might think otherwise with the strong season up to date of Ryu and German. Plus, you are definitely upgrading with Osuna.
  3. I would go after David Dahl. If he is no longer available then Michal Chavis.
  4. Rather drop both but if you rather keep one then I think I would go with Leclerc. I read the Braves might want to sign Kimbrel after this June’s draft. If they signed him now (like any other team), they would need to forfeit a draft pick. So most teams rather wait until after the draft to then finally sign Kimbrel.
  5. I would go with Woodruff. While he is pitching well and the underlying stats suggests the performance is legit, I rather go with Woodruff over Hill for durability. I don’t trust Hill not hitting the Injured List once more.
  6. In a vacuum, Reyes just because of playing time over the course of the season. Hicks will be activated by the Yankees on Monday.
  7. Rotoworld has some content on Woodruff...
  8. With that mindset, anything Villar can bring will be gravy.
  9. In a dynasty league, I would prefer Albies over Machado given his move to San Diego where offensive titles are crushed. I call it the Tony Gwynn curse :) Even in Baltimore, he was a much better hitter at home than on the road.
  10. Brandon Woodruff (no innings limit) Domingo German (just raw power with the possibility that the Yankees might limit his innings) Mike Soroka (real good arsenal but I feel as though he has a likelier chance to be limited in innings pitch which might lead to a lateral move as a reliever towards the end of the season if the Braves are playoff bound) Otherwise I could see Soroka above German Matt Strahm
  11. I disagree from a batting perspective Carpenter is a better player than Gary Sanchez unless you are accounting for position scarcity where Catchers suck. He will heat up just like in past seasons. Minor definitely made adjustments to his pitching arsenal and the results this year are legit. While Soroka is too darn good despite a possible innings limit from the Braves. So yeah, you would be giving too much. Also, Brasier is not a sure thing at the closer position.
  12. Given that it is a keeper league, I would go with Bellinger and Buehler...both very promising players Bryant has lost some power in the past two seasons. Maybe due to injuries but, I still prefer Bellinger's pop plus he runs. And Buehler could be the Dodgers ace by the end of the year when all counting stats are done. Berrios is good and it helps his ratios that the Twins are in the weakest division offensively in baseball.The Tigers and Indians roster is not fairing too well. I think you come up on top because you will be upgrading Bryant with Bellinger. Besides you have Bregman at 3B
  13. Yes...Flaherty is ranked higher in final counting numbers than Darvish. On paper, Flaherty seems to be underperforming this year but he is doing a better at limiting walks this year than last year. The issue this year stems from allowing HRs. However, out of the 8 HRs he has allowed, 6 have come from the Brewers. For some reason :), the Brewers are destroying the Cards' pitching staff. In any case, you are definitely upgrading with Flaherty if you were to drop Darvish.
  14. I would drop Miggy or Dansby Swanson given that it is only a 10-team.
  15. If he wants Moustakas straight up for Flaherty rather than getting Suarez, then I would make the trade and run as fast as you can.Lol maybe don't run, it's an overreaction but still I would make the trade given that it's hard to find quality arms through the waiver wire mid-season.