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  1. Im not sure this is the right thread but it is about a trade i need help this is my first nba fantasy team and i did wb as my first round pick as 3rd pick in a 12 man 9cat h2h Trying to punt fg% and tovs My current roster goes as: Westbrook pick 3 Draymond green pick 22 Black griffin pick 27 Oladipo pick 46 Pau gasol pick 51 Gortat pick 70 Brook lopez pick 75 Wesley matthews pick 94 Deron williams pick 99 Jamal crawford 118 Eric gordon 123 M.dellavedova 142 Nick young 147 Were these good picks?. Im receiving offers in our league for trades: Draymond for myles turner Jamal for monta ellis Who should i let go and who should i try to get.please help thanks