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  1. Anyone dropping him if AK plays?
  2. I currently have Mayfield and have a offer out for Watson for my singletary and mayfield. RBs are cmc, Dj, Carson, Montgomery, Royce. 2 flex league .5 PPR Is it worth giving up singletary or try to stream with Goff, stafford, garoppalo etc?
  3. You're right. i read that notification as Falk being the backup but meant backup for Monday night
  4. Ah, i read the notification wrong. either way i can prob add them back after they clear.
  5. Last notification i got was luke falk is.
  6. So Cleveland over Houston? Dropped Houston for them but can pick back if needed. Luke Falk will be the QB for the Jets.
  7. Yes, you get points for those players. We drafted late one year and it put in Thursday night points. I think it is still the same.
  8. Justice went undrafted and I've been wanting to pick him up. I would have to drop one of these guys below. With all the miller hype i feel ike D Jax is the one to drop. D Jax, A Miller,
  9. Original post is out the window. Guess I should have made. A new post instead of reply to my original.
  10. I am keeping Adams and DJ and now taking CMC at 1.01. If Carson and freeman are gone at my next pick would you go Montgomery/Mack or look at WRs like Diggs, Cooper etc.
  11. I went back and added up the RW projections for curiosity. I've liked 3 or 2 as well. I'm not sold on Bell for the year. 1- 919 2- 964 3- 956 4- 993
  12. I have a few different options and torn on which roster could be the best for my team. I am keeping DJ in the 10th and either D Adams in the 2nd or Carson in the 8th. I'll have first choice of Hopkins, Bell, Julio, or OBJ (Prob going Hopkins but considering bell). My third pick I estimate having Kerryon, Carson (if i dont keep), Diggs, Freeman, Jacobs. Which starters do you think would be best in .5 PPR? 1 - DJ, Carson, Hopkins, Cooper/diggs 2 - DJ, Carson, Hopkins, Adams 3 - DJ, Kerryon, Hopkins, Adams 4 - DJ, Bell, Hopkins, Cooper/Diggs
  13. New blurb says he is on track to play tomorrow night.