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  1. With Penny having a bye I plan to roster someone else over this weekend. I probably will only be able to drop Pascal as I think Engram or my QB's need to be rostered right now. returned the favor...
  2. For right now I picked up AP until we get some news on Guice. Any other thoughts?
  3. I probably put ingram around conner and bell like you have him.
  4. I need to drop some guys and look at picking up some guys. Just dropped Penny this morning but will get him back later. Looking at the guys below to pick up. Drop: Winston or Ryan, Engram (traded for ertz), Alshon, Pascal, Deebo AP Penny Armstead Edmonds Mostert My team: 5 PPR 10 Team 2 Flex League QB: - Winston, Ryan RB: CMC, Carson, D Montgomery, Singletary WR: Adams, OBJ, Jefferey, Samuel, Pascal, Deebo TE: Ertz, Engram D/ST: Steelers
  5. Like who? Dj's value was sunk.....
  6. Trade DJ for OBJ? Other RBs are CMC, Carson, Montgomery, and singletary WRs are Adams, Samuel, Pascal, Alshon TE's Ertz Engram half PPR 2 flex
  7. Wondering if I should trade Ryan away if possible.
  8. Currently have both but thought about dropping Jameis and grabbing a handcuff prior to kickoff. How do y’all feel about Ryan this week? My matchup shouldn’t be close but never can tell.
  9. Is that all that’s out there? Guess eifert out of those three.
  10. Trade Samuels for Ertz or stream until Engram is back? Picked up Gisecki for now. half ppr Other backs are CMC DJ Carson Montgomery singletary freeman
  11. Sorry, it’s in signature but can’t see it on mobile devices. right now I can’t play all my RBs so my starting line up would be CMC, Carson, Adams, diggs, Montgomery, DJ( or Samuels)
  12. I am. Singletary has keeper value though. I have CMC, DJ, Carson, Montgomery, Royce, singletary, and Samuels.
  13. I currently have engram. half PPR trade singletary for ANDREWS and Diggs? I need WR help as well. Drafted singletary and held on this long so kind of hate to sell but if the value is right I will.
  14. Is it time to trade Jaylen now and what are yall getting for him? I'm trying to decide whether to accept an offer receiving Crowder. That will put him as my WR2 or 3 but if Conner is going to be out longer I dont mind the RB depth but I will have tough choices on who to play.
  15. Bump- leaning towards Samuels for Crowder or Hollywood Brown now. Is that enough value? other offers are diggs or Marvin Jones for singletary
  16. Received an offer for Diggs and send singletary. I kind of want to keep singletary around. May be better value and sending Samuels for crowder.
  17. Got an offer for jaylen Samuels for crowder. You like that better than Carson/Lockett?
  18. Just got an offer for Crowder for Samuels. go with that or carson/lockett or both?
  19. I'm needing some help at WR (Adams, C Samuel, Jeffery, Amendola.) I have an possible offer of Lockett for my Carson but trying to keep carson and sell samuels. I may can get Crowder for Jaylen Samuels. is that better or should I am go for Lockett with Carson. This is a 2 flex league. My offer of Samuels for E Sanders got denied RB: CMC, DJ, Carson, D Montgomery, R Freeman, Singletary, Samuels, Penny WR: Adams, Jefferey, Samuel, Amendola half ppr
  20. I may can do samuels for Sanders to the Conner owner