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  1. KAT, he’s the man to own in the twolves. Although embiid is playing great, the sixers are still not jelling as well since the butler trade.
  2. I like the Westbrook/Simmons combo, perfect for a punt FT/ TO. Definitely try to get an AD+1, but I would stay put for now, those steals are elite and it’s scary to own AD, IMO
  3. Team looks pretty solid. I would stay put. help with mine, thanks http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/738541-got-offered-lillardcp3-for-my-harden-whir/
  4. I don’t think you need bullock, your team looks solid in 3s. I think you have enough guards for now. I would stay put. Help with mine
  5. Honestly, Harris is playing one of his best years of b-ball and Ariza found a new home in Washington and they have a great playoff schedule, assuming he can keep it up when porter comes back, he should be great. For a deep league, I would try to get Harris and some better for lashing, but if not Harris/ariza for sure. Help with mine, TYIA
  6. Currently 5th in a standard 10teamer 9 cat league my current team: (just lost dragic, picked up t.johnson) PG: Rubio, Dunn, harden, Tyler Johnson SG: Pg13, Fournier, ariza, o.porter SF: RHJ PF: j.collins, m.turner, capela C: ayton cp3 would be a great replacement for Johnson, but he’s been shooting crappy this year and Lillard has been playing well...should I accept the offer? WHIR of course
  7. Should I trade my pg13/capela for his Kat? My team in 10 teamer 9 cat PG: Rubio, dragic, harden, brogdon SG: PG13, Danny Green, Fournier SF: T.warren, O. Porter PF: J. Collins, M Turner, capela C: Ayton
  8. How will millsap affect his numbers when he gets back?