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  1. I would stay put, Jo Ram is nice but I don't think you win this one. Help on this one?
  2. I agree with everyone else here, Maeda for me too
  3. Easily, I think his ticket's already been punched, until he gets busted for juicing
  4. I definitely like that deal for you, going to make your outfield even more stacked.
  5. I think that a package with Dozier and Mazara could but a fair deal, unless you feel like you'd be overpaying in that situation. Otherwise, pairing Dozier with another piece would work well imo, or even Acuna and a flier.
  6. Definitely way too much for me. Bryant is nice obviously, but you're giving up 4 solid potential keepers for essentially 1.
  7. Teoscar for me, been a rough patch lately but I'm a believer in general.
  8. Not an excuse for why the Rockets lost, but also terrible officiating this game in favor of the Warriors. Harden clearly fouled on 3 different 3 point attempts. Could've been a 9 point difference. Jokingly, midway through the 2nd quarter I called that if the Warriors won by 9, it's rigged. Don't look now but here we are. Huge choke job by the Rockets though sadly
  9. I would absolutely take Acuna if you believe in his upside. He's no joke imo
  10. Looking to activate Sano from my DL and drop an OF or CI (I have some flexibility) 12 team H2H cats (OBP instead of AVG) Would you drop: Olson Chapman Mancini T. Hernandez to activate Sano from the DL? I'm not really sure who I'd drop, but I'm leaning towards Mancini. WHIR!!!!!!
  11. Anyone rolling out G Rich today? Pretty skeptical and he's also matched up against Verlander