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  1. So guys what’s your player evaluation of him? Pros and cons?
  2. To picky back on that, they got rid of Theo Riddick, who’s had fantasy value of weekly 8-10 points in PPR. Now they made a personal decision with CJA by waiving him. Cj got 6 carries in week 2 and now that’s 6 more touches added on to Ty Johnson who already had 7 touches last week. So 7+6= 13 touches/targets/opportunities that Ty Johnson is going to have. So pick him up as a stash see what happens
  3. Why are you going out of your way to show something that’s already should be understood to the fantasy community. Waste of a post.... if if you have room and play the wait game either Darwin do it!!
  4. What’s your credentials? And what’s your evaluation of Ty?
  5. Well the writing in the wall and the proof is in the pudding. They are going to give this guy a chance and something dynamic to this offense, just like Kamara, so yeah I compare him to kamara big deal
  6. Ty is going to be the James white of this offense, or should I even say Alvin Kamara. He has the intangibles and the thighs PAUSE of Michael turner so you know he keeps them legs churning
  7. Starting him because I have limited options and it was a short week where CMC touched the ball 30 times and the Panthers played the Rams. Hard for anytime to get their game plan going against that defense and to showcase what you have been doing in camp against those savvy rams cornerbacks. And if it’s time to show case what you got, ain’t no better matchup than the Bucs.
  8. Let’s not forget Andy Reid drafted Shady McCoy into the league. I think there is some unfinished business here that Fatman wants to finish. In McCoy’s press conference, Andy was talking about how he raised together (in NFL sense),McCoy, Maclin, and DJax, and seeing them strive in the NFL ranks. Knowing what Coach Reid has been through makes me believe that this was a no brainer personal decision too. McCoy is this year is his Comeback year. The prettiest footwork since Barry, and the shadiest person on the gridiron. I put the house on that
  9. How many times you were wrong about Derrick Henry? But any hoo.....do your research and you will find those blurbs...I mean this is a rotoworld forum. I guess it’s true to say that a lot of people would rather see their opinions written down rather than see factual recorded notes of injuries and nick ups that were on the actual Rotoworld website. And yet your down playing me.....Cmon skip
  10. This was when Damien Williams was the Dolphins 3rd down back, even referenced him as a 3-down type back earlier in his careeer.Anyways He was getting more carries during that stretch of the season when he got injured. His workload expanded, and got more banged up. He may have only missed 5 games, but definitely been more if the season was longer. To add on, I just remember all the Rotoworld blurbs, blurbing that’s he’s nicked up when he was a dolphin, I don’t why I remember this stuff ,BUT I REMEMBER so hey!!!
  11. IMO Andy Reid didn’t sign Shady McCoy for no reason. Not to bag on D. Williams, but he is injury prone going back to his MIA days, especially the hammy. Does Andy have enough faith in Williams staying healthy all season. I don’t think so.....Both players can ball under this scheme but smart money on Shady
  12. People had the same worries for Todd Gurley before he had his breakout season. Both their health, questionable ypc, and were/are in a make it or break it season. AND what I DO KNOW ABOUT FANTASY is to be aware of these type of players in their 3rd year who haven’t broke out yet. With due diligence, these players are the breakout ones that are difference makers and get them at a discounted price
  13. Why on earth would they put Bell in that debacle again let alone the Steelers put up with the process again. Business is business and I don’t expect trolling and shady buisness with the Steeler organization . Not fair to bell and especially disrespectful to James Conner who I have pounded the table for before the season started.