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  1. Why on earth would they put Bell in that debacle again let alone the Steelers put up with the process again. Business is business and I don’t expect trolling and shady buisness with the Steeler organization . Not fair to bell and especially disrespectful to James Conner who I have pounded the table for before the season started.
  2. KC CHIEFS...nuff said. Young team and the young talented offense are still on the rookie contracts. Even fits the Brian Westbrook role to perfection.
  3. She even hurled racist words. I don’t condone DV but if you go out looking for trouble, it will come find you.
  4. Hate Joe Buck and his LA homerism especially with the Dodgers. Those who drafted Baldwin (including me) should’ve known who we’re getting in him. Those who drafted Baldwin in the 2nd round DEFINITELY should have picked a WR with their 3rd round(including me: Tyreek Hill) to supplement the fall backs for Baldwin, which did happen.
  5. Started Baldwin last night since week 1 .Another “cool story bro example” but truth be told that not only can there be elite fantasy football players on your fantasy team but elite fantasy owners who can decipher the game script before the game starts and decided to start Baldwin.
  6. Out of all skilled players in this offense, MVS has the most upside more than Aaron Jones. A breakout for MVS this fantasy year would pave the way for a breakout for Aaron Jones. I say this philosophically because this is a pass first offense and MVS will get his targets. We can hope this year but best to believe next year. Also to end my analysis. A breakout for MVS would change the offense more dramatically compared to Aaron Jones because..... we have still yet to see it.
  7. Putting player analysis aside!! Based on knowing that the coaching staff trusts Ito Smith as rookie speaks LOUD and knowing how critical the RB position is for the falcon’s offense. Your getting at least a FLEX option with a lot of upside because of the prolific offenses he plays for. I’d compare him to Corey Clement not as a player but as in the situations they are in right now. A lot of speculations for these two players within these next couple of weeks. Now they got the whole season to showcase their talent and let’s see how these situations playout.
  8. In every steeler game I watched this year, A quick first read dump off throws to Conner are OPEN from shotgun are open! But Big Ben rather do Big Ben stuff. Conner deserves to be featured more in this offense
  9. For I have Gurley ll and Kupp on my team. So my team name is ll Gurleys l Kupp. What a Thursday !!
  10. Nothing you said had nothing to do with football! Why didn’t OchoCinco last with the pats.... he was an old dog that you couldnt teach a new trick to! Running option routes takes the ability to focus and read to zones and anticipating when to turn and the catch the ball. Bets to believe Brady is going to do all he can to win! All that Giselle talk can wait till Tom is WINNING again
  11. You can imagine Tom and Josh watching film and route studying of the Brady-to-Moss connection.Josh has someone(Brady) really teaching him how to play Brady\Belechick football, especially when it comes to receiver option route offense. It’s going to take reps, and I believe If Gordon is dialed in and LISTENING.....Brady is going to be throwing it on the $$$$ ala Randy Moss. This is a league winner right here. Everyone take that chance and trade for him
  12. All I see is an Aquan Boldin! Can run the route tree and get that yac like a running back. Damn well don’t run like a receiver!!!
  13. Hill has graduated to WR1 status to me. Cheers to all the shootout games that the Chiefs will be slanging in!! Andy Reid ‘s diverse formations and designed play calls that all have routes going to each level of the field(flat/middle/deepball). Tyreek Hill speed kills because he can catch the ball on all levels and turn it up for a TD!! Expect Success with a Tyreek and a great seasons as a WR1
  14. If Hines can put up Ahmad Bradshaw type numbers, he would be the Waiver wire pick up the year.I doubt it, but fairly good situation to make it seem possible.