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  1. This guy is not going away... and with good reason ! What a stud despite the reduced role since Flashless Gordon's return.
  2. True.. neither was his play inspiring so far... The guy on the left: "hmm i wonder, what's for dinner...when is this over?" So comical.. as the while franchise is right now .
  3. Was dropped in mine. Dumped Burks for him. Let's see
  4. https://twitter.com/MySportsUpdate/status/1196269930854932480?s=19 Pretty damning.... could they even care less ?
  5. Need Dwelly to stay under 5.0 pts standard. Could be close 🙈🙈
  6. Let's roll the dice on him. Let's go big Mike !!
  7. Started him last week, which wasn't top bad. Going to give it another go. Kind of lacking options though ( Aj Brown being my only other option)
  8. Got DJ Moore for Mattison... not bad after holding him hostage from the Cook owner all season . Dj got a nice scheduele coming up with ATLx2 and WSH. At least I'm not wasting my roster spot anymore.
  9. This guy does it all . Keep it going lil' fellow !!
  10. Firing him up over McLaurin this week ! All aboard !!!
  11. Has everybody seen enough of him now ? He is nowhere near the guy he was last year... should have kept holding out....
  12. Juju and Freeman. I don't like the situation, but he is definitely a better play than Hollywood... And I'm not sure Gordon will get a big timeshare this week. At least i wouldn't bank on it plus the pace of that game should be slow. I'd rather get a piece of ATL vs HOU !
  13. Give me all the KC game players you can get! Shady and TY !